Abrogate dictator Anez who plays with our lives!

Abrogate dictator Anez, who plays with our lives!

Dictator Anez propaganda Blitzkrieg which has cost over 50 millon dollars of tax payers money, money that Pandemia victims desperatelly need, has been wasted and firing her contracted media hasn't worked and she is experiencing multiple growing crisis.
Erick Foronda, Yerko Nunez, her lover Arturo Murillo blame all these growing failures are bc she is a candidate but the factual evidence absolutely proves that's another big lie of the countless' Gov lies Anez has comitted.
She says she is creating 600K jobs in times of Pandemia& tiressless &unsuccessfully repeats she wants to save the people but but her actions keeps hurting them. Case in point respirators equivalent to Respira, which Bolivian electromechanic Mambus sell for a mere thousand dollars, she paid 29K dollars for 170 of them to GPE Innova& is blaming her subalterns for obeying her orders to purchase them & now that everyone is questioning her, she is blaming & prosecuting them for her own scandalous fraud and making them the culprits!
How can Anez play with the people's lives, profit stealing countless millions of dollars from purchasing fraudulently and countless other millonaire purchases, which never make it to the people foghting for their lives.
Simple, lie a trillion times and the lie is suppose to become a truth, is her personal christian evangelical philosophy and belief, bc "Jesus paid for my sins" blames Jesus, as she doesn't believe in personal responsibility & uses his name like a mop to clean her dirty lies while killing the victims with Pandemia, her ilegal imported Non-patented respirators "Respira" in the EU, deprive the orphans and widows in Bolivia, a father and spouse!
She is also burning over 10 million hectars of trees & depriving the people of rain makers, oxygen purificators and echosystems and biodiversity irreversible being destroyed to enrich herself along het Latifundio cattlemen & mining internal and external acomplices Bayer, BlackRock&Cia.
Babylon Anez is imposing Covid starvation to the people and sucking their blood and she is doing it cold heartedly, since remorseless refused to enact quarentine since December but delayed until two months ago and is too late to stop the consequecces of her policies and acts!
Dr Felipe Campos forewarned her of imminent massive deaths should she not quarentine Bolivians, but since last Dec2019, facing an certain presidential election, Anez and her inner circle felt had a winning hand& cold heartedly made the choice of letting Covid into Bolivia and raised the stakes and win the presidential election by letting Covid in Bolivia and defeat it and claim she saved the people and the people would rush to vote for her and make her the Reelected president!
But her plan was like building a fence in the ocean to fend it, but CoVid had her own uncertainties and own life and now, worldwide is grown and Bolivians are paying with their lives Anez cold hearted pocker game. A pocker game where she is loosing and loosing and she is costing countless lives and the people are rushing to the streets this winter but not to vote and make her the president but rushing to the streets to seek a means to survive by informally working bc they can't bear seeing their starving children dying of FaminePandemia and to deter Anez from pulling an AutoCoup D'etat to close our Congress ALP!
Indigenous people of the Americas, we have suffered military genocide and mass biowarfare since Columbus arrival which have decimated and empoverished us: Small pox, measless, etc and nowadays we experience Carbon Genocide and CoVid Genocide along with Humanity.
The people in Bolivia are angry, hurt, pained and desperate and confronted with the dilemma of being genocided with cross hands at home or being killed by Dictator Anez military and Pandemic agression, we rather die fighting for our lives, for once defeated dictator Anez (who denies us Covid Tests and remorseless plays with our lives and enriches herself selling us 29k dollar respirators which Bolivian electromechanic pros built it for a mete thousand dollars, burns us with forest fires, famines us with transgenics, etc) then the constitutional successor president will lead us to fight CoVid and rebuilt Bolivia, for we want to live & preserve our planet!

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