Anez manipulating TCP& TSE, is attempting to perpetuate in Bolivia!

Dictator Anez manipulates Judicial TCP& Electoral branches, attempting to perpetuate in power

Nov12 Dictator Anez who imported from italian migrants Covid Pandemia and it's using itto cling to power, got May26th 2020 her colluding Judicial TCP accomplice admit her appeal of inconstitutionality's to art 2 of the mandatory 90 day election law which was going to bar her from getting any extension of power based on her perpetual excuse of Covid Pandemia.
BlackRock&Cia have been using CoVid Pademia to impose on many countries antidemocratic Authoritarianism & racist JeanineAnez Gov is one of them!
This collusion happens after the TCP knew yesterday May25th, her colluding accomplice Dictator Anez paraded people along with the TCP, officially declared Bolivians out of danger of Covid and ended CoVid quarentine in Bolivia.
Today May 26th, TCP ruled admitting her appeal not to have elections by August 3 2020 under the excuse the Pandemia is a danger to Bolivian voters.
"Anez threatened to arrest the president of the Senate Eva Copa, but the main threat of self promotions of rank& Coup D'etat is deadly serious. Bc the Coup will impose military martial law to close the People's congress, DictatorAnez takes for granted her accomplices will rule inconstitucional art 2 of Elections law, mandating 90 days elections from May3.
Erick, Anez& min Defense Lopez& Min of Security Murillo expect Senate president Copa to chicken out as when she let Anez self proclaim president against Congress& then gave in & extended 6 months in power& expects for Cipa to give in to the Executive, TCP& TSE branches of government & not file nor oppose the incoming ruling from its accomplice TCP, to give a verdict of inconstituttionality against art 2 of Elecctions law enacted May3 of 90 days deadline to materialize elections and to extend Anez' Defacto presidency for indefinite time as long as Covid-19 exist/ present.
Copa must oppose Anez frivolous& false allegation that CoVid Pandemic bars voters from voting safely. Bc on May 25th Anez officially ended the quarentine, paraded masses of people and forced workers back to work& reopened factories& comerce, therefore Anez can't use her Pandemia excuse to postpone& cancel elections. And Anez& TSE must materialize elections within 90 days from May3, and there is also the pragmatic alternative of mail-in votes for 3 days so all votes reach and can be counted manually by TSE and above all, TCP can't implicitly extend Anez as president past MidJuly 2020, bc the Constitution's separation of power and authority has designated Congress as the only fiscalizing and law creating branch of Gov and it's not the domain of the executive, nor the Judicial or electoral branch to encrouch over the authority and functions of the Legislative branch of Government, bc said encrounchment by the judicial or executive branch will cause a clash of powers and potentially a civil war, which the TCP judicial branch must restrain and abstein from encrouching of causing the clash of powers and civil war"
Various old academic constitutionalist, including Mesa's counsel& Camacho's counsel believe due to Covid this Congress should not oppose Anez indefinite postponentment of elections bc first is to defend life and avoid a clash of powers and all powers should submit to judicial verdicts"
Consulting post academic constitutionalist, Dr F Campos, he answered, "Anez defending life? Committed Genocide Sacaba, Genocide Senkata, imposing Pandemic famine, arson of 10 million hectares of amazon trees and refusing reactive CoVid tests condemned us to Pandemic death by ending the quarentine, yesterday. No. Anez is not defending life but genociding us with Pandemic and manipulating the Pandemic to perpetuate herself by means of the TCP and when TCP gives the verdict of declaring unconstitutuonal Art 2 of elections-law-May3, Congress must refuse to accept it, bc frivolusly after terminating the pandemic Quarentine, TCP encrouches in the domain and authority of Congress whose Election law is sound& safe and has alernative vote-in, and let the constitucional crisis and clash of power take place. Bc Anez is cancelling elections to perpetuate herself indefinitelly
But Congress members should indict and impeach her& at same time, take own security measures not to be arrested inconstitutionally bc when Congress refuses to accept TCP's biased & unconstitutional ruling favoring Anez, there is no peaceful means to impose it! And the verdict becomes a useless piece of unconstitutional paper& from safe locations, see Anez& Orellana unleash their Auto Coup D'etat and when they close Our congress, angry,pained and Covid Starving desperate people, we'll defend democracy and our right to have elections within 90 days and you will see after shooting a few of us and afraid of dying by Pandemia, the represive military and police, to protect themselves against CoVid, they will refuse to continue arresting massively protestors throughout Bolivia and they will withdraw off the streets and that is the imminent end of this Anez dictatorship"
Copa and Congress do not yield to Anez nor to TCP nor to TSE who have already wasted almost a month and did not set an elections Calendar, bc they are colluding with Anez& Orellana. You must not grant anymore extensions to Anez& take safety steps and let the chips fall where they may!

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