Anez moves to govern without congress& by decree only!

Anez moves to govern without Congress& by Decree only!

The strings of fascist LatifundioMineColluders having reached its stretching limits, begins to squeze the necks of the Nov12 CoupMakers Carlos Mesa, JeanineAnez, Fernando Lopez, Arturo Murillo, Yerko Nunez, Doria Medina, Tuto Quiroga, Lucifer Camacho, Marco their own actions & to try to spare themselves Mesa lukewarmly tries to set himself in the opposition but his lukewarm words fail to persuade voters and as a recent poll, shows him at 19%, Anez at 15%, Camacho at 3%, Tuto at 1%, Chi Hyun 1%, as cobsequence of Pandemia deaths, countless firest fires, support for Transgenics& unemployment and CoVid famine. MAS has gained cohesion and support under Arce-Choquehuanca and the actions of Its legis lo ature muscle and law calling for elections within 90 days!
CoVid the winning hand of Anez-Doria Medina is gained life of its own & its costly politically& socially to her Govt& candidacy!
Dictator Anez still control TSE theough Salvador Romero but her controlled TCP hesitates, slows down& puts nervous Anez whether TCP is going to grant her the verdicts she desperatelly needs but due to uncertainty and being worn out by her italian imported Pandemia, the growing imported respirators acandal& robbing from the Nal Treasury, is cornered& push her to advance a key move of her covert AnezFujimorazo Coup D'etat go control the key Armed forces's guarrisons and high command: By Dictatorial Decree J Anez is going to promote higher ranking of her Nov12 Coup Accomplices, hence violatingthe Constitution and Congress, she along Commander Orellana& F Lopez will consumate it this thursday at Colegio Militar& was confirmed by the now polarized Military high Command senior officers who feel violated & denied promotions against the organic law of the Armed forces of Bolivia, which forbids political interference on the Armed forces and against its organic law!
A Fujimorazo AutiCoup D'etat works suspending the Constitution, without a congress and rules over everyone by Decree only and imposes its dictatorship by military means!
Since this lromotion of ranks is through Decree of Dictator Anez, declaring war on the Congress, will Congress& the people sit iddle and let her consumate her Auto Coup D' etat which seeks to close our mostly indigenous people's Congress before being ilegally closed& take decisive action now?
We call on Congress to act now and call on the people, to defend our last remaining institution of Democracy, the Constitution and the rule of law, by engaging in
#CivilDisobedienceTo AbortAnezAutoCoup DeEtatAndAbrogateAnezNow
Officers who are loyal to the ConstitutionAnd the organicLaw of the Armed forces, it's your duty not to obey Anez violative law promoting only her loyal officers!

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