Anez Stole Pandemia Money

JeanineAnez dictator GMOcattlewoman arsonist genocider:
U rejected quarentining Bolivia last Dec2019, U are massively arresting indigenous& exterminating them with Pandemic, famine& 200K focus fires.
U forbide people to go out bc you don't want them to stop Ur countless forest fires at the Amazon forest which with UR PLUS& Decree 3973& law 1098 U are burning trees to steal over 10 million HAS arsoned land for UR GMOagroindustrialists, red meat, mining& fracking:
Desperate, famined Pandemic victims will be before you, besieging your palace beginning this June-September2020. UR forest arsonist gov, like Evo's is done for, precisely for fire genociding our forests!
Are U & castrati Murillo going to plead to Erick to fly you away to Miami, as he did to Goni to save him
from facing crimes against humanity charges &/or do U want to enjoy tax free, subsidized Chonchocoro prison like Garcia Meza& Arce Gomez?
U have no hospital beds, no medicines, no antiPandemia protective gear bc you pocket it and leaving them dying

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