Anez Trabaja Para BlackRock

AnezWachaCodiciosa arsonista, mentirosa intenta en masa genocidarnos con su Pandemia importada& prematura levanta cuarentena, 200K incendios forestales pa robar 10 millones hectareas,montajes judicializados contra NosotrosIndigenas peroVuelaComadreblanca GinnaTorrez #CensurenAnez
To those who shine life and glorify mass death every year:
Why then have we let BlackRock&Carbon Corps who traded with the enemy, not only compensated but misled humanity to nuclear&conventional arms race, endless oil wars,racism,biogenetics to enrich themselves while sacrificing us with Carbon Pandemic& coVid, mutatingCoVid& Csubsidies?
Have we not learn from horrendous mass deaths and conveniently let them give us lying speeches and likeMerkel, Bolsonaro, give no bailout to Nature we let them destroy but continue to subsidize Carbon death under the euphemism, " for CoVid battered industry to get in its feet, we'll bail them out with trillions of Euros....?"
We let carbon stock trade at Paris agreement global market with carbon pricing, double carbon credit, more of selling carbon mass death to ourselves?
Aren't these Carbon industries' subsidies a path to assured extinction of our Mother Earth and humanity rushing the suicide path lifting prematurely quarentine, we relapse at end-year to massive mutating Covid Pandemics and then we cry aiy me, aiy me, aiy me?
What's the matter with us?

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