Bolivian Winter Democracy Salvation

@carlosdmesag :
U are part of Anez Government&by defending Anez U r dooming your own electability bc U are acting pro-violation of human rights& don't care for people dying with Pandemia. Anez has announced ending quarentine in May. We da people will demand penal processes for all deaths Anez has caused from the time she rejected Dr Felipe Campos' request for quarentening Bolivia Dec 2019& her irresponsibility in ending prematurely Covid19 quarentine in May, refusing to provide tests to detect Pandemia, medical equipment& hospital beds for victims.
3 months from now& 2 months after Anez ends the Pandimia in May is safe 4Elections, that is: August 1st is safe!
You r loosing the elections by opposing elections 2 months after May quarentine's end.
Your cohort Anez is killing people by Pandemia bc she refuses to provide antiCoVid protective gear to physicians, her own police and to 12 million Bolivians& not providing monthly salaries& delaying the bonus indefinitelly& lying about it, condemns people to die of famine and Pandemia and from political persecutions&exiling thousands, including Dr Felipe Campos, the man who run twice environmental candidates campaigns.
Confronted with Anez deaths by Pandemia, persecutions&countless arrests and famine. Gradually da people is bursting on the streets in bigger numbers than resign themselves to die at home.
Whether you and Anez liked it or not, the end of Anez is by August 7th, bc the people ordered the ALP to have elections withing 90 days and the #BolivianWinterDemocracySalvation is arriving!
Will Anez fly away like Goni along with You? Or will Anez choose to die sentenced for crimes against humanity at Chonchocoro Prison like Dictators Garcia Mesa& Arce Gomez?

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