Can new military Coup D'etat Makers survive 5 years in power?

Can new military Coup D'etat Makers survive 5 years in power?

J Anez's exiled moral foe, Dr Felipe Campos presented early tonight a lecture with the above heading and I pass it on to you, in my own simple words:
I've experienced to a lesser or a major degree the different Coup makers from the decade of the fifties to Garcia Meza-Arce Gomez dictators.
Sadly for us environmentalist indigenous people's of the Americas we experienced the colonialists opression at the hands of the colonial and nowadays a neocolonial institution of the armed forces, whose caudillos live & enjoy an undeserveda luxury 100% retirment pension, while we their opressed tax payers, live a life of deprivations & currently mist of our people are suffering Pandemia Famine, countless forest fires, transgenics and now experience another ultimatum with an implicit Coup D'etat in the making threatening to close our last remaining Democratic fort and Congress from this very colonial opressive institution: The armed forces, specially the army headed by S Orellana but from behind the scenes manipulated& colluding with him are Erick Foronda, J Anez&F Lopez& Y Nunes,Arturo Murillo...
Orellana's ultimatum threat is not only to distract our people's attention from the disgovernment/ desgobierno de Anez, the scandals& crisis of the colapse of the health system, Pandemia'scexponential growth. Pandemia's famine, the respirators, rejected lung scanners scandal& robbing us millions... but it is an implicit seditious act, insubordination, not only showing up without an appointment but threatening that if in a week over your observations, you don't blindly & obediently obey our order to promoted us in rank, sith the lower lower value organic law, we're going to make you make tou dearly pay f ou r disrespecting our wishful desires and will...
By Orellana's seditioys act and imposed delivery of the same list that was rejected with observations to their captain Gral J Anez, the latter is evading to answer, be accountable to the Congress/ALP and executing a Defacto Coup D'etat & violating multiple Articles of the Constitution like sedition, insubordination etc.
This implicit Anez AutoCoup D'etat through Orellana is gauging how fast or slow they can execute it's consumation and/or if necesary if Orellana will need to become the new face of this fascist Nov 12th Government.
And what did Orellana& the colonial legacy institution is accomplished to deserve these rank promotions for Grals& viceadmirals?
Won wars and rescued our 2 1/2 Square Kms we were founded as the Republic of Bolivia and heroically obtained fame and glory at genociding unarmed environmentalist indigenous in Sacaba& Senkata and delivered before Nal Tv cameras this seditious demand of rank promotions & the ALP must bow down to their ultimatum threat and kiss the army combat dress& military army boots? Or else congress will be shut down and its members shot as Marcelo Quiroga Santa cruz was and all of you are going to be exiled as they exiled me & countless with their Nov 12th Coup and with their italian imported CoVid Pandemia?
Our of respect for a dead officer I abstein to name him,but it was him who drunk and luscivious forced his way into the living quarters of former Senate presidentX Interim Bolivian President Lydia Gueilert and kicking her bedrrom doors scream sexual threats& death threats for her to resign or else next time he would not only rape her but kill her. Lydia barely had strength to phone the chief of the presidential guard& they summoned others and had difficulty taking him to his own home.
Gueilert had no courage to have him court martial nor peosecute nor order penal prosecution for his seditious act and shortly after, the unpunished insubordinated & seditious high officer was among Garcua Meza"s Coup Makers, consumating their july 17 1980, forced under threat of bodily harm, captive Gueilert signed her resignation& scores of innocent people arrested, tortured& exiled& assassinated Marcelo's body we haven"t recovered to this 3rd millenium!
Eva if you don't have ovarios well placed in you and impeach Anez and her seditious& insubordinated Commander, our Constitution and you will be shortly the next disgraced Lydia Gueilert and the people will suffer deathly opression at the hands of these implict coup makers named above.
No Coup Maker can govern & survive 5 years as headvof state, least Anez, Orellana or any commander of the armed forces bc if we don't hold elections within 90 days, you will see from Anez, to Orellana to other's faces pass the presidential palace as it happened to before & after the Garcia Meza Coup makers and unable to govern, the military itself gave up the presidency bc economic Bolivia was crumbling on the verge of banrruptcy and ingobernability. And compared to the current global economic contraction, Bolivia us in ill prepared and its a reality our economy may contract 10-40%, hyperinflation, insolvency to cover wages, creditors, high social, political& economic inestability, violent blast of polarized Bolivia, etc, due to Anez lost control of Covid Pandemia, countless forests fires, transgenics being imposed, extreme high unemployment corona famine, Nal health system is colapsed, etc.
For the above reasons i conclude, No new Degacto Coup Makers can not survive 5 years at the presidency"
I suggest for people to organize peaceful local groups of resistance wherein every person is a leader, so we can timely and efficiently resist and cause Anez& the Coup Makers to withdraw as Garcia Meza & Orellana must resign&Anez too!

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