Have ears & eyes? Then listen& take action now!

Have ears& eyes?Then listen& take action now!

We indigenous of the Americas, have experienced Genocide by the hand of European colonizers since Columbus arrival to our homes. In fact we suffered genocide by military force & by biowarfare. Suffice to name The mexicas genocide with small pox transmitted by african captive victims of Small pox brought to the Americas by the Spanish forces, etc, which decimated the world's most populous cities& cultures of then.
Year 2019, a Harvard researcher + 4 Americanchinesse researchers created and spread it and the rest of the world, we are experiencing the same old biowarface, this time CoVid& CarbonPandemia.
You BlackRock& Cia want our indigenous lands, the lungs of our world!
Yes you coveat our lands to impose your transgenic plants, superbacteria&supper weed, red meat, mining and oil drilling& water!
The same old way G7& BRICS citizens passively watch while we indigenous are being biowarfare genocided to extinction irreversibly, know we are now the victims and tomorrow it is you!
If you care for survival of our humanity, including us indigenous, this is the time to be active and show not imperial compassion or pity but reciprocity, empathy, solidarity, coVid protective gear, respirators, physicians, food, clothes, medicines.
Actions talk louderbthan words, bc  words alone mean nothing without good deeds, for words alone are taken away by the winds of a forgetful memory and the winds of deception and betrayal.
Thank you!

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