Is Carlos D Mesa-G a Caudillo or a Leader?

Is CarlosDmesag a caudillo or a leader?
The above belongs yo one of counteless lectures which Mallku-Amauta DrFelipe Campos has given. I share it with you his humble lecture given in words of people on the streets, practicing democracy on the streets on a daily basis and not of academia living inside an elitist bubble:
"NoCarlos refused to assist the meeting to defed our Democracy" Said over the phone Marcelo Quiroa SCZ, of paceno Carlos D Mesa Gisbert.
That was the parting g words of my friend Marcelo! Few hours later the Coup makers Garcia Meza&ArceGomez had executed the greatest orator of the Americas and throughy life, his words from time to time kept echoing during my later detention& later exile. And i asked myself is Mesa a caudillo or a leader?
After the genocidal dictatorship of Garcia Meza, H Siles S came and his govt was short lived and sabotaged by the right wing parties& misguided actions of the COB and the absent cowardice of Mesa.
V Paz E betrayed the People from its inception, for he never nationalized the Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando...latifundio& mining Rosca for they just played as being with Paz E and to this day Oriental Latifundio&Rosca Minera remain untoched& have been in all the different governments of Bolivia, it grew up during Gonzalo Sanchez L's Gov, Mesa's Gov, E. Rodriguez Veltze's gov, Evo Morales and financed by BlackRock&Cia, the latifundio& Rosca Minera Boliviana along with the military and Police, executed their suave coup D'etat against Evo and I a post Academic living individual, still wondered 'is Mesa a coward Caudillo or a brave leader?'
Academia& historians wait 5 years to pass their judgment to write books. But I being a post academic individual, refuse to write on these changing actors of State power and have not passed judgment on Mesa for such long decades, gathering the factual evidence to answer the question that nugs about 30% of the Bolivian voters in this upcoming presidential elections Mesa a coward caudillo or a fierless leader?
The Bolivian sold out media magnifies with magnifying glasses every word Mesa utters & overlooks and hides his gross erroneous actions when most of them do not help the making of a colonial god, a colonial god of mud feet.
Rosquero Goni wouldn't have been president twice had the Cia not missused VHCardenas & later bpught out Mesa to run as his VP. But once in office, how easy Mesa escaped after having implicitely agreed with Sanchez Berzain to crack and commit black Octuber Genocide...and betraying him presented himself before my Mallku coleague Felipe Quispe and got on a silver plate the undeserved presidency.
A presidency he failed and betrayed his own presidency!
How could he behave so cowardly?
And after resigning, years later, joined Evo and Rodriguez Veltze after costing us along with Evo's and Rodriguez's misguided action, 50 million dollars which they shared and pocketed along with the chilean complainant bc for Mesa there is no chileans nor bolivians but colluding businessmen partners for mutual remember Mesa& Rodriguez Veltze enriched themselves and built themselves along with Evo, their godly fame in making us believe the three were rescuing our sea from Chilean thieves but they knew they were given it away for life and all 12 million Bolivians and Armed Forces got was a bigger financial debt& garbage blue cheap tocuyo
guarded uselessly in the army's secret hideaway and the biggest defat we got inflicted.
When Mesa had been seen as the future president, how could Mesa the media man have behaved so irresponsibly and cowardly? His gross infamous actuons would catch up with him.
A social movement lead by Colonialists or neocolonialists as cabinet members, who segregate their multiethnic social movement are bound for failure& infamy.
Beyond Tokenism, Mesa& Evo used the old latifundioAnd RoscaMining businessmen for their gov and for their political campaigns and in the 2019 campaign both defined themselves with their actions both are caudillos.
Mesa trusted Blackrock&Cia the OAS would crash Evo in its report of election fraud and he expected to be the outright winner and when the Cia had someone from the TSE to stop the rapid count, it created the additive to burn the elections and it burn the elections with an OAS report alleging fraud.
A significant voting block of Bolivians asked tireless and countlessly for Mesa ti lead the protest at the frontlines, but not even his contractor could get Mesa to lead civil Disobedience indefinitelly not even partially and he shined the fight and along the rest of the barons of Oriental Latifundio ( which includes transgenic soy and cattlemen)&Rosca Mining corporate businessmen colluded with a civic-Military-police Coup D'etat
The coup D'etat is another separate lecture, for now i will save you time to address only Mesa vs J Anez& her adulterous lover Arturo Murillo backed by Camacho etc.
A true leader lead shis social movement at the frontlines and runs the same risks as his followers.
A caudillo is a cold calculating Olaneta, who rather accepts being painted a coward than risk his own life along his followers and by hiding in the rear, evades if he fails and blames others but not himself. But he is fast to clain victory and reaps the fortune off his followers.
When The contractor presented their man, Erick, assisted by Tuto Rodriguez etc, Mesa as one of the contracted men refused to lead.
Erick turned around and got through third parties to extortion the tesignations of Adriana S, Victor Borda& the first VP ahead of J Anez,
Both females to save Evo, fell for the extorstion scheme and Borda to save his kidnapped brother kidnapped by the Coup Makers, resigned.
Mesa remained silent expecting he be given the presidency.
Right after evo flew bound for Mexico, Mesa still didn't have courage to lead people to the palace and be appointed president or that they hand it soon to him
Erick ordered the military and Policy and the small crowd of paramilitary armed militiamen to fend off and stop by all means the 2/3 MASlegislators to meet in congress and name a successor or reject Evi's resignation
Instead of Mesa standing and demand the presidency or get a written contract signed between the right wing parties, came meek, barely spoke and allowed J Anez to autproclaim herself above the Congress, abd withoy choir and backed by military comanders who argued wit police they should be in the autoproclamation of Anez and without congessional aproval took the oath and began her Autauritarian Teocrat dictatorshio, disguised as an alleged co nstitutional succession.
CongressALP didn't meet nor voted to aprove or reject Anez succession. So how is it constitutional succession? But that's another separate lecture!
In all these decisive actions Mesa showed he is a cold calculsting Casimiro Olaneta neocolonialist.
The soldout media magnifies Mesa request for a pandemia vaccine to be universal free. But it means nothing of heroic nor creative, for Mesa simply signed at the tail said wishful request!
The world has nevet worked based on wishful requests and Mesa is grossly mistaken for G-7 Heads of State & Ursula Van Der Leyen have sentenced, "whenever we get the vaccines it will be at fair prices"
There you have it, Mesa's wishful thinking and neutrality is a failure as Mesa is a failed caudillo and is no leader but a neocolonialist latifindio rosquero mining corporate baron, who sadly can't lead and can't deliver with his wishful request any good to 30% of voters who were willing to vote for him and is a failed former president who is one of the media darlings, who made him a neocolonial god, but a god of mud feet whose mud feet are cracked and he'll crash and crash the ex po ectations and dreams of those who were willing to vote for him"
92% of those who attended the lecture marked on the short post- lecture poll, agreeing with him. I too agree with the factually based evidenciary conclusion of Dr Felipe Campos and You?
But let me ask you this?
Anez is prepared to execute her AutoCoup D'etat to remain in power and close our Bolivian Congress/ALP
#WillYouJoinThePeopleTo DefendOurConstitutionAndCongressToHaveEvaCopaBeTheConstitutional Sucessor?

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