J Anez you must hold elections within 90 days!

J Anez you must hold elections within 90 days!

DIctator Jeanine Anez' military henchmen& coup backer Teamsters and latifundio, mining& oil are inmunee& impune & are rewarded by Anez while she retaliates against indigenous Americans for opposing her dictatorship, cold& calculating retaliation causes Covid famine, 25% unemployment etc.
Matter of fact. Monday May25 her accomplices go back to work, while we american indigenous are by scores arrested allegedly for breaching her laws and being falsely accused as conspirators against her government for not acceptin to keep postponing presidential elections and demanding bolivian elections be held within 90 days
And si she retaliates by doubling utilities costs& she denies us wages& keeps us suffering Covid famine and those indigenous like Andronico Rodriguez, Anez forbid him under penalty charges from driving to give away fresh organic vegetables& fruits to other indigenous.
We're sick and tired of her lies and opression of the people.
Andronico is given the government a deadline, either you let us driv to give away food and you materialize elections within 90 days, or to survive, we indigenous are going to the streets until there are elections and the right to drive food to people!


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