Join Civil Disobedience or resign yourself....

To Abrogate Carbon You must #JoinCivilDisobedience or resign yourself to become genocided& Extinct!

BlackRock& Carbon Cohorts through their global controlled media have drowned conspiracy theories which implicitly have the potential to expose BlackRock& Cohorts have known and have conspired to melt the glaciars and Artic& Antartic polar ice to steal it from humanity by seizing them by means of their controlled governments who are burning the forests of the world, to enrich themselves with industrial transgenic farming & red meat.
You remember
Since 1980, there has been over 7 million humans genocided by carbon pandemic annually, and this year 2020, BlackRock and cohirts as transnational actors of supranational State actirs of power, have added the CoVid Pandemic to the Carbon Pandemic which has infinite power to extinct our humanity!
BlackRock& carbon cohorts through their lip service have deceived us into nelievong they want to reach carbon neutral and playing as our friends through the different climate agreement negotiations and accords but they have manipulated from Dec 1997 Kyoto agreement to have us agree to carbon credits which can be used later, these carbon credits are deceptive illusions bc the facts prove now, Morrison who is burnt 20 million hectars lately, he is using those old 1997 carbon credits to cancel the trillions metric tons of CO2 pollution he caused with his late australian Bush fires.
BlackRock&Carbon cohorts have created the Paris agreement, deceiving us with the illusion that world govs were near solving the Carbon Pandemic but they back stabbed us by having COP to sign on false accounting of double carbon credits and deceprive carbon tax pre- agreement, and on COP 26 in the UK BlackRock& cohorts seek for humanity to sign on CARBON TAX, and this will have finalized the legalization of carbon pollution emissions and then will have finalized the conversion of zerocarbon to perpetual carbon pollution through the deceptive Paris agreement, which is becime the global carbon stock Market where underdeveloped& developing countries will sell carbon credits and G7& BRICS rich carbon polluting countries will purchase stock of carbon credits and you ask what happened to the goal of 1.5C temperature increase and zero carbon goals and the billions of humans on the inminent brink of carbon genocide BlackRock will answer without any remorse °you get an increase of 6-12°C and in exchange of the beggars change we give you, you have to adapt& be resilient to extreme drought, desertification, high bush fires& die prematurely with cancers, thst's what we signed on and that's what you get by having signed on voluntary carbon reductions without enforcements and the illusion of reaching zero carbon by 2050"
As shown above, the facts prove BlackRockAnd Carbon cohorts are perpetuating carbon emissions by deceptive contracts of Kyoto, Paris Agreement with illusion double carbon credits& illusion carbon tax, bc when you are genocided killed, the beggars change for having signed and agreed to carbon stock trade at the Paris Agreement carbon stock market, beggars change didn't save us from genocide & extinction by Pandemic carbon which BlackRock&Cohorts have sold us deceptively since Obama's Paris Agreement 2015 and this COP26 year 2020.
Do not resurrect the deceprive Paris Agreement becoming nowadays the global carbon stock market.
Unfair& unjust contracts& agreements are null and void Ab-initio and we/ 8 billion humans do not have to validate nor accept it.
There is only life and r death and there is no gray zone. There is only Carbon emissions along with methane emissions which Black Rock& cohorts emit and there is the alternative of #AbrogateCarbonNow.
We environmentalists said #keepItInTheGround and we choose to stand during CoVid times, 6 feet apart bc we want to #AbrogateCarbonNow4 SolarEnergyAndVeganEconomy through peaceful #CivilDisobedienceAround OilRefineriesOilSeaPortsOilpipelinesCarbonMines
You the carbon consumer must join Civil Disobedience or resign yourself see your children and yourself being genocided by Pandemic Carbon and BlackRock& CarbonCohorts chance themselves in escaping in an uncertain Noah's airship into space, if it works. Probabilities are insignificant but genociders BlackRock space cadets believe in it without caring to mass genocide and extinct 8 billion human beings and our biodiversity and Mother Earth!

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