please keep 6 feet apart...

Please keep 6 ft apart to survive!

We AmericanBolivian indigenous environmentalists, have brains to see the facts and not continue to be deceive by illusions& empty words by BlackRock&Carbon cohorts, who broadcast to the four corners of Mother Earth, harmful antiindigenous policies!
BlackRock&carbonCohortsmanipulated & colluded with V Paz Estensoro, Goni Sanchez, Mesa Gisbert, Evo, Anez Camacho V to continuo their increase carbon emissions.
Ask yourself what all the deceptive rethoric of revolutionary Nationalization& land reform, MonoPaz& EvoCoca got for us Indigenous AmericanBolivians?
Nothing but Increase of Latifundio in Pando, Beni Santacruz& LaPaz's Amazonia& increase of Mining corporate interests for the Latifundio& mining Robber barons Landivar, Jeanine Anez, Doria Medina, Costas, Ortiz, Camacho.
What did Evo& Anez destructive& deadly policies were for us indigenous?
Evo caused 10 million hectares of forests fires& Anez 10 million hectars of forests fires. Both Evo& Anez stole those burnt lands for transgenic soy, corn, wheat, sugar cane, meat, mining& oil fracking and Anez agravated it importing CoVid pandemia by bringing italian innmigrants who were CoVid carriers to Bolivia& Anez is genociding us by already denying us for 6 months, Reactive CoVid tests, medical equipment& by CoVid famine and worst by prematurely having end CoVid Quarentine on May 25th 2020, before Bolivia reached CoVid' peek. This Anez premature end of Covid quarentine,late this year will exponentially proliferate with masdive Covid deaths, hence Dictator Anez is mass genociding us, not by bullets but by her imported Covid Pandemia and premature end of Quarentine!
But racists lying narcissists sociopaths Jair Bolsonaro& Jeanine Anez are genociding us with biowarfare Pandemia, transgenic seeds, forests fires, mining&shale fracking& agrochemicals.
Whenever we experience someone dying suddenly, we have to insulate the body without touching it and abstein from our traditional rituals to the fallen's body bc if we touch it, we carry The pandemic to others, without even knowing it.
If someone gets ill, we assist him but must keep 3 meters/6 feet distance not to become pandemia infected and not to spread it to others.
We indigenous are besiege in the Americas & we must resist with caution these long ordeals bc, we must survive.

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