To be or not to be! We are the bees!

To be or not to be! We are the bees!

The people's Respirator defrauder Dictator Anez, finds herself before IME Consulting, "Pay the reminder or don't get software" for 170 intensive unit useless respirators.
IME's ultimatum agravates J Anez respirators scandal. CoVid intensive therapy patients good respirators need to survive but not these useless ones.
IME, the seller has been changing facts& financial figures to protect itself& Anez Gov but not at the cost of loosing ill gotten profits, reason why IME gave the ultimatum.
But to cover her butt& paying expensive media coverage Anez is began a pseudo investigation, criminal trials& save her floundering presidential reeleccion. An election she didn't qualify, can't win at the voting booths & doesn't want the election at the present bc she will losse it to her CoVid exposed&hurt environmentalist indigenous opponents, which she racially hates and publicly as Bolsonaro called them, " Heathen Barbarians engaged in satanic rituals" for their efforts to save Mother Earth/Pachamama from the ongoing countless fires consuming in the Bolivian Amazon forests, the lungs of the world, for transgenic soy, red meat, mining & oil extraction from over 10 million hectars of Amazon land she is burning as Bolsonaro too is burning and both tyrants are Covid Pandemic genociding their citizens by forcing them to take Hydrocloroquine, ivermecton...& refusing them Covid tests, respirators, etc. right when the Pandemia is exponentially raising these months in there!
Anez exiled Dr Felipe Campos asks, "when u confront govts with a record of neverending broken promises like promising to buy respirators but pocketing the money dump on you useless models of respirators& canceled elections right before the Covid dents you& now manipulate CoVid & you now know, which is going to remain active for years to come and the turants file multiple appeals to dealy elections, it shows you the Gov has no desire to materialize presidential elections& is manipulating Covid to perpetuate in power and Anez is ni Exception and has ready to execute and if she is denied postpooning elections, she already has a plan to materialize an Auto-Coup D'etat and being her military on the streets under the excuse of Quarentine, confirms she is going to close the Poeple's congress to perpwtuate herself, the question is are you going to act like ostrich burying your head under the sand and let it happen to you or are you going to the streets to defend yourself and your family.
Environmentalist indigenous people r facing this new biowarfare genocide along with forest fires, transgenic and deadly Govt forces but we are gaining cohesion & strength& this Bolivian winter we'll defend our lives and our means of survival such as our forests, soil, water, oxygen, food and it shall be what it shall be, for we are bees!"
Indeed veteran Dr Felipe Campos, a season brinksman and indigenous leader of QuechuasAymaras& Guaranies is opened our eyes& sentenced the indigenous Bolivians' dilemma and the unpleasant truths!

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