To Submit or to Engage in Indefinite Civil Disobedience

  Must HongKongneers submit or engage in massive Indefinite Civil Disobedience to deter China from forceful mass deportations?

Out of respect & empathy for my friends in Hong Kong, I have prayed and meditated long before writing these few lines in a simple conversation:
If someone among you wants to emigrate, you do it before this unmerciful chinese beast clamps down on you.
But most of you are rooted in Hong Kong like trees and can't consider being uprooted, and I respect that.
But beware of
China's unjust & inhumane historical policies of mass deportation and mass internment to concentration camps.
You have heard but China has double-spoken about Hong Kong's Autonomy, but that is the Beijing's lip service, because in practice they are using the same principle enacted in the USA by George Bush Jr, and by that repressive principle known as NATIONAL SECURITY LAW/Patriot Act, WE AMERICANS HAVE LOST OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW THAT USED TO PROTECT US FROM GOV ABUSE, and that National Security law, Beiging is using it to unjustly clamp down on you and steal you for its own economic & political ends.
This National Security law means secret surveillance, secret arrests, secret kidnappings and mass deportation of Hong Kong residents, to depolulate you inside mainland china and subject you to internment to secret gulag camps, and repopulate Hong kong woth loyal mainland chinesse people, as they've done first to Tibetans, then did to more than a million Ouigurs, who even as i write these lines are interned in those euphemistic, secret interment camps in shocking infrahuman conditions, sleep deprivations, etc, to brainwash them into becoming programned robot/rehabilitated people.
Once China imposes its Natio n.v al Security Law, is there any assurances that the previous chobesse agreement sogned to keep Hong Kong Autonomy will be enforced by Antonio Gutierrez by sending UN troops to Hong Kong to make sure the agreement is honored?
As a formet Brinkman& current exilee by 3 Gov's, sadly i learned the UN directed by any secretary, inlcluding good will Antonio Gutierrez, has no muscle nor the means to enforced the previoys Hong Kong Autonomy agreement, bc the UN Security Council has the monopoly of force and Every member of it has a veto power to exclude any duscission to enforce the previous agreement.
You would then be resting all your eggs in Donald Trump& Boris Johnson.
Trump is not going to be reelected in Nov3 and Johnson has not the economic muscle for a protracted long war with china fighting locally.
That leads us to seek help at the European Union, of which Johnson is not part of and tou are confronted with the uncertainty of an undecided UE.
What can tip off the UE indecision to intervene in an armed naval, aerial and land military conflict against local China?
Like the Tianamen Square heroes, you are confronted with submission or indefinite
Massive civil Disobedience to deter with your own bodies countless mainland uniformed and plainclothes chinesse troops. Only the clamor of countless sacrifices can tup off the EU indecisuon to intervene on your behalf, until the new US president takes office and then decides whether or not to intervene militarily to pressure china to honor its previous agreement.
As you see, this Covid Era is adversely affecting all countries globally which increases the uncertainty threshold.
With no court proceedings, I was secretly & unjustly exiled by 3 Bolivian Governments of an underdeveloped country and though the odds were against exilees, withbunrelenting masses of civil disobedience, we won against the first dictator, then came another dictator who masked hinself as savior of the people but kept us exiled for 14 years and with odds against us, peacefully we kept desestabilizing the second dictator with covil dosobedience till he fled and as we prepared our syitcases to go back to our sweet home, a third dictator stole it, under the excuse of calling for elections and Defacto kept the innocent us exiled without any court proceedings & refused to renew documents to this day. With odds against us, wr are peacefully desestabilizing it and we have been unable to show the people, the current dictator masked transition government is killing Bolivians with Pandemia by having stolen the money allocated for antiCovid medical equipment and she is in her last winter leg& likely is going to fall down and we'll have the chance to go back to our sweet home.
But in your Hong Kong case, you face a complex world geopolitical& economic challenge against a local Economic power and depending on the widespread and freqecuency, the mass civil disobedience will become an indefinite civil disobedience and your resolve to show as masses of people, will determine whether you get the New US president and the EU militarily helping you, but be kindly reminded the power of the UK alone is not a match to Beijing.
Beware time is so essential and it is you who must decide whether you organize& start mass civil desobedience or take the unpleasant alternative. 

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