unpunished seditious threateners will impose Martial law dictatorship

   Refusing to punish seditious threateners, we got martial law dictatorship!

Those are the words of one of countless Dictator Garcia Meza's arrested, tortured& exiled innocent young victims& survivor Dr Felipe Campos, who Jeanine Anez& Karen Longaric keep in exile after he dared to request to them Dec 2 2019, to quarentine Bolivia.
BlackRock&Cia instructed their contractees Anez& Orellana, move the chess pieces to come out from a loosing Covid Pandemia war& loosing presidential bid, before elections!
Using as excuse the Covid Pandemia not to have elections, Anez is desperate to cling to power through TCP& Congress' legal extensions for her transitory presidency which expires mid July 2020
Unlike last January's congressional extension for Anez, recently Congress implicitly refused her a second 6 month presudencial extension& since TCP is delayed, her contractors had Anez move her chess pieces to remain in power.
But according to veteran campaign Dr Felipe Campos, the moving of these chess pices are a pre-Coup D'etat move:
Anez needs the military high brass listed in the list of rank promotions to be approved in order to take over key posts and army guarrisons to counter and prevail over 2 opposing military factions competing for diferent economic-political ends.
Anez& Orellana are outraged with Congressional objections/reservations to a significant members of the list, so instead of answering said reservations, Anez hid and sent Sergio Orellana& his high command to give an ultimatum to ratify blindly rank promotions for the whole list!
Survivor Dr Felipe Campos rightly pointed out, "These are not only ultimatum threats to rank promote themselves but once promoted, they prevail and the coup for a martial law Regime becomes ready to execute in Bolivia. Yet the ALP/ Congress is not listening or preventing& punishing the seditious threateners..."
The head of a small group of skeptics at the auditorium, interrupted, asking, "What makes you say the socialist mayority at congress isn't doing anything...?"
"History repeats itself and Gueiler's congress and Lidia Copa's congress couldn't see unless you punished the seditious commanders making threats, Congress &the people become victims of the unruly School of the America's trained Coup makers-officers. What for do we need them, when these military the only thing they do is to make death threats, arrests tortures, exiles and/or kill unarmed peacefull dissidents to Martial law regimes, bc at said school indoctrinated them wrongly, making them believe, the enemy comes from within and the bolivian military colonialist institution has a pattern of countless Coups as numberous as the republic of Bolivia's years"
"Doesn't Eva Copa have 2/3 & she is not as weak as Lydia Gueiler's congress?"
"Eva had her chance not to recognize the Defacto Anez autoelected dictator, but she did.
Eva had her chance to end AnezDefacto regime by Jan 21 2020, but she failed&her Congress along with the TCP failed the people and extended Anez dictatorship 6 months till mid July 2020.
Eva had a duty to assume the presidency Jan 21 and now has the constitutional duty to assume it by mid july 2020, but she is a coward &again failing us and now that Anez& Orellana are finalizing their readyness to repeat a July 17th 1980 military Coup, this July 17th 2020, she is acting too little to late by not impeaching Anez& court martialing Orellana & his seditious high command, just as Gueiler who was threatened by E Lanza Armaza for Garcia Meza& next we woke up to the Coup itself& they assasinated Marcelo& shortly after ,tortured& exiled countless innocent dissenters like me.
And here we have Eva, who I forewarned repeatedly, Anez& Orellana need these rank promotions and once they get them, they are ready to impose a Defacto Martial law regime, close Congress, arrest, torture & exile scores of peaceful democratic environmental indigenous dissidents"
"What are you exactly complaing about Anez& Eva...can't you see its Pandemia...?"
"It's Pademia politicized and manipulated by BlackRock& Cia, Anez, Orellana and his Cara pintadas high command wearing combat fatigues. Anez is genociding us since Dec2 2019, with her refusal to quarentine Bolivia. Anez acted too little too late by March' end with her too late quarentine and I hold her responsible of pandemic genocide in Bolivia!. Worst, she is ending too prematurely the quarentine when it hasn't even peeked Covid's exponential curb in Bolivia, her ongoing refusal to provide to 12 million people, reactive Covid tests, etc. And above all manipulating through Orellana to get their cohorts promotions & then execute their coup to impose another martial law regime like Garcia Meza.
I hold Copa responsible of gross negligence& irresponsability and not fulfilling her constiticional duty to impeach Anez for CoVid's deaths, corruption purchasing fraud respirators & countless millions Anez made disappeared. And countless fires, transgenics, and above all condoning these seditous acts of Anez and Orellana&his high command.
Next the people will wake up to another Garcia Meza Coup D'etat lead by Anez, Orellana& his high command and countless unnecessary deaths that will happen as consequence of it!
Those were public exchanges between exiled Dr Felipe Campos& proAnez members who were in the auditorium.
And I ask Eva Copa here & now:
By staying iddle and passive to Anez& Orellana& his high command, do you know you are tempting to repeat Gueiler's ill fate? What are you waiting for?
Have you at least, made provisions to each congressmen and the people, what needs to be done to eficiently oppose once these Coup makers unleash another Coup D'etat & these fascists close congress and impose martial law in Bolivia...?

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