We stand for Doctors & nurses& CoVid Victims!

We stand for Doctors& nurses& CoVid victims

@JeanineAnez Dictadora:
What part of the irresponsible, malicious& racist deads you caused you don't understand?
You genocided countless indigenous environmentalist refusing to quarentine in Dec 2 2019!
You keep genociding indigenous by having purchased 9+ 170 useless& 29 times higher overpriced respirators, after having rejected Nal made respirators 29 times cheaper than your imported respirators!
You deny us military physicians, medicines& 12 million reactive CoVid tests and you have too prematurelly ended quarentine on May 25th 2020 & are massively spreading out by parading people on the streets to celebrate your alleged greatness?
Greatness for having genocided us in Sacaba& Senkata.
Greatness for having stolen countless millions of dollars for reactive test kids& medical equipmente and hire physicians, which you never provided. Hence you colapsed the sanitary hospital health system with an exponential growing Pandemia!
Worst you forced workers to go back to work!
Why then, you refuse to sign a notarized contract to pay for the deads you are causing by ending Covid quarentine when u know coVid peek hasn't been reached yet in Bolivia?
Busted on respirator acquisition of overpriced useless respirators, you say"Sorry, I'll make it better & investigate& incarcerate the culprits who reapped us off"
Your are the guilty culprit!
Your "Sorry" is too little too late and it doesn't bring the victims back to life, nor heals the anger, pain and famine of the victims' orphans & widows!
"Sorry" doesn't solve the irreversible harm you already caused us by stealing money which was allocated to fight Covid
To covert your guilt, you ordered Murillo to jail without any due process nor evidence the judge prosecuting your minister Navajas, bc he refused to protect him, Walter Zuleta, Humerez, Mostajo, Pacheco...you are covering your culprit Chancellor Longaric&culprit ministers!
You Anez are fabricating new culprits and attempting to frame Eva Copa for the fraud respirators bc you want to rule by fear, for senate president Copa to grant you another 6 months extension in power& aprove your cohorts rank promotions, or Murillo will throw her to prison!
Prison for what?
She isn't you, the corrupt thief in chief& she is innocent and we the people, know it!
Copa is challenged you implicitly by challenging your lovervArturo Murillo, a sociopath torturer " we're investigating the respirator millonaire corruption scandal...you want to imprison me for defending the Constitution, come & get me here & now"
You are killing the physicians, bc you deny them Protective gear& medical equipment and so many of them have died unnecessarily. And desperate to survive, the doctors have began Hunger striking, for you to provide medical equipment for them to help CoVid victims!
We the people support the doctors, nurses, workers and Covid Victims, bc you are racially singling out, indigenous environmentalists, " indigenous can go because they are involved in satanic religious rituals"
They aren't satanic.
They just want to survive as everybody else!
Doctors are the vanguard against Covid! and we are going to stand for doctors and all of them!

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