Why are we letting cold racist police executions of people of color....

Why are we letting cold racist police executions of people of color perpetuate in America inmune& impunely?

I am not questioning the good parents in the police force.
I am questioning why we as a society are allowing racist police executions of people of color, perpetuate inmune& impunely.
Officers know once a suspect is cuffed, he is no more a danger& the police is on control of the cuffed suspect& officers know shock holds are forbidden by law&training and they know where the shock holding is by arm or by using any limb, it is still a forbidden shock hold. But most still have the old school indoctrination. "I'd rather face 12(jurors) than be carried by six(to the cemetery)"
It' been decades since we faced what Floyd's deadly experience, but we were lucky to survive & tell shock holds are deadly and though they have been forbidden since then, police officers & jailors through America still do and if they get caught, they do administrative work to insulate them& then get away with it and worst, they get promoted and if there is a token officer who is terminated bc of having caused a suspect's dead. He is administratively terminated and he gets a colateral hiring by another police force and he keeps doing what he is done before and so he becomes one who teaches rookies to use shock holds whenever he subjectively believes he is in danger and this vicious cycle keep going on and on inmune and impunely beyond USA.
In this shocking execution of Floyd, you see in the video, white officers are shielding the executing officer with their bodies, to cover the executioner from being seen at it.
The executioner wearing a badge, has under her control the face down cuffed suspect and she is an experienced one, who creates her alibies of putting deliverately her hands in her pockets to convey to the jury, if she were charged, the subjective reasonable doubt of hands off the suspect, where she will say, "I was restraining myself and you well can see my hands in my pockets"
Other alibies: The executioner has her knee on the face down suspect's neck& she will say, "I told him to stop resisting, to be quiet and comply with my instructions, so if he had comply with my instructions, i would have gotten up and he be alive but it was him who resisted arrests and kept disobeying and talking by that he caused harm to himself and at no point did i realize he was dying. I didn't intended to kill him i just needed him to comply... "
Besides, the executioner of Floyd has many of her badge brothers to unanimously make a jury believe, the officer in question had no ill will to the suspect and with brotherly loyalty to each other, they will plant reasonable doubt in the jurors mind, to get the jury finding of not guilty and before Minneapolis' society.
This immunity and impunity is geared to the growing trend of Autoritarianism, bc you see in USA the constitution has been Defacto replaced with the Patriot Act, FISA secret court, systematic surveillance by digital servers from Face book, Amazons, Google, Apple, phone Companies etc!
You can see Carbon candidates Biden& Trump are silent purposefuly, and damned if you dared to question authority and dare to ask a criminal prosecution for the cold hearted murder of citizen Floyd, bc the enforcers of a police state will come after you and silence you with threats and Badge executioners will be your judge, prosecutor, jury and executioners.
You see if you are white (and are member of the NRA, whose mayority members are police officers) and went wearing combat uniform, armed with assault rifles your white gang, entered the Michigan governor's building, the police didn't take your pictures, didn't arrest you but implicitly applauded you and let you leave unharmed and uncharged for threatening a governor and carrying assault rifles and unidentified, you went out home undisturbed still with a terrorist's assault rifle.
Why this double standard, where armed white men are untouchable, but cuffed face down, life pleading black guards are coldly shock hold to death by the badge executioner pushing her deadly knee till Floyd's spine and throat got broken and he bled a slow and cruel death& was unjustly murdered?
Do you know when you are being shock hold and dying of suffocation and you plead for your life, "Let me breath" and your unjust executioner doesn't listen and the last you remember is being wet and as you fee the excruciating pain, dark covers you?
We are lucky to have survived deadly forbidden shock hold and tell you about it!
Today is Floyd, tomorrow is you, bc a state police is being born!
You remember innocent jews were racially taken to concentration camps& gassed, society and politicians were silent and 6 million jews & peaceful dissenters were coldly genocided. And history is repeating it, bc racial Eugenics was created in the USA by Supreme Justice Oliver Wendel Holmes and assimilated by Carbon nazis and today Our society is relieving it and people are silent!
Mr OilTrump & #OilJoeBiden why don't you demand prosecution for the shocking murder of a black citizen but are silent. Silent as when CoVid was spreading and killing people and you talk of a black VP candidate with you, then speak up or take out your racist mask, You JoeBiden admitted creating the ombusman law that took away the constitutional rights of citizens, specially Habeas Corpus and it disproportionately incarcerates black man and people of color& you were VP 8 years and refused to abrogate your inhuman& racist ombudsman law, as you refused to abrogate carbon but continue to subsidize it to harm us with carbon Pandemic! #KeepIt InTheGround

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