Why must we shine to answer with violence, unjust violent armed white supremacists' provocations!

Why must we shine to answer with violence, unjust violent armed white supremacists' provocations?
Violence is a wrong which can't right another wrong!
Violence is a deliberate provocation seeking to bate the unarmed you, for them to have an excuse to hurt and/or kill you under their malicious premeditated alibi, "Felt life threatened so we shot to defend ourselves"
You are unarmed& peaceful & if they get you to respond with violence, it's an infinite unjust fight because they are armed and you are not and all odds are against you. As soon as they get you to respond violently white authority which has the monopoly of force will fall on you and you will be confronting white armed supremacist plus the white armed state and that's what happened to Native Americans and most were unjustly genocided& they wrote their lying perpetual history that indians were violent salvages and the truth of dehumanizing victims got buried by the lies being repeated a zillion times overtime, until they were presented as the aparent truth and by default it prevailed imposed!
We the people have the right to present our grievances for our fellow human brother George Floyd, whose lips were unjustly silenced by an inhuman white supremacist assassination under color of law, while their badge gang accomplices watched, aided and abetted for 9 minutes his cruel, inhuman& unjust assasination.
Whenever we are acosted by white racists and white cops brutalize us, by us not responding with violence, we survive and win a battle against the white institution of racism, unjustice and unconstitutional action of white supremacist, their white police and white National guard.
Take Ghandi, MLK, Steve Biko...white State assassinated their bodies unjustly. But they live for ever and nothing that the supremacist white state can do, can kill them, for they live as long as there is humanity and each one of us NonViolent Civil Disobedient citizens are them and we must carry that legacy till the white institution of Racism& hate are vanquished and fade away.
Our strength is in numbers and in our moral authority to counter peacefully with massive civil disobedience against white supremacist injustice in all its forms, shapes and unjust white State, who is un unfit parent who lets white armed supremacists carry their weapons of death before governors' buildings and their most visible action comes from the white confederacy lead by Lee. Had we trialed all those confederates racists& slave holders for the deaths they caused with their unjust civil war, we would't have the white institution of racism and today we are confronted with their confederate racist white supremacist descendants, whose ancestors got amnistied unjustly without just desserts, for the genocide they caused during the civil war!
Regardless of race&class... everybody is invited to join us to voice our grievances with peaceful civil disobedience but please wear a mask for health reasons!

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