Will the Real Arturo Murillo stand up?

Will the real Arturo "Luthero" Murillo stand up or does he only stand to sale fake praises?
Those who met Arturo from his hot to trot growing years, know he is a megalomanic, psychotic, sexually deviant,fame& money hungry individual, who won't stop at selling his mother and consul sister, in order to achieve his greed fame& glory.

He doesn't look at you but always talks by the sides of his mouth, even when he plays tennis, he hates loosing. And when it comess to women, he hates the ones who don't chose him and won't ever forgive or forget them, for he suffers of a covert compulsive obsssesive dysfunction. And when he is not getting his way in sex or business, he walks erratic, talks to himself and crashes stuff but he never picks up what he throws or breaks.
But to the hotelier's merit he is the type of political caudillo, the civil contractor corporation was looking for, and he got recruited at the Chapare region and recruited the inner circle to include and be centered around JeanineAnez and along with Erick Foronda got the police and military around her. And colluding with Tuto, got third parties to kidnap Victor Borda's brother & Tuto extorsioned A Salvatierra & the first VP of the bolivian senate and Victor Borda, right after the military Commander had called Evo to resign and got those 3 highest Congress members to resign& flew Anez to La Paz in a FAB military plane and using Camacho, Mesa and the chieffs of political party conned them to accept Anez to take the presidency.No soon Evo took off bound for Mexico, The coup makers lead by Arturo ordered the police to block access to the Congress's 2/3 MAS congressen and consumated Anez Coup D'etat lead by Erick, Arturo, Kaliman & Calderon among the high brass & had Anez self proclaim the president under the euphemism of avoiding vacuum of power with one sole purpose and authority: callt o presidential & congressional elections.
Arturo the sociopath, made the mistake to have Anez's cabinet approve the murder By Decree which Dr Felipe Campos along countless complainants got revoked by Anez after the Sacaba genocide& Senkata genocide was codly impune& inmunely executed against unarmed environmentalists. The revocation of murder by Decree cost Dr F Campos exile to this current day, bc Arturo got Anez and Longeric& the minister of justice to with hold renewing indefinitelly his birth record, passport, etc, without which he can't fly back to Bolivia.
Arturo is blocked social media postings by Dr F Campos by missusing ENTEL & 2 Bolivian satellites and he along with Yerko have committed blunders, eg firing and prosecuting Rafael Quispe, framing and political persecutions, caused the current 200K fire focuses, to steal 10 milion hectars: the enacting of the transgenic DS4232, the incompetence & colapse of the Bolivian health system, Pandemia massive infections, the El Alto and Kara Kara protest human rights violations, the enacting and revocation of DS 4231.
But Arturo is a false lavish praiser of his adultress lover & religious born again christian cultist Jeanine Anez, where he publicly contrived a propaganda blitzkrieg foto-op, to help his adultress political rating up by uttering after they revoked the gag decree of freedom of expression/DS 4231.
"Thank god, Bolivia is in Jeanine Anez' good hands during Pandemia times"
Firstly, god is not the Gov's bus boy.
2d, if you are infected by CoVid& have not a lot of money you are at risk of dying bc private clinics r inescrupously gouging patients& the health system is colapsed in Bolivia and Arturo M spins along with the gov, overpropaganding meager 170 respirators to fight Covid. Can scarce 170 respirators suffice for 12 million persons?
Anez & her lover Arturo are hiding the fact Covid has caused massive unemployment, massive starvation and it is agravated with countless forest fires and multiple massive protests against her dictatorial regime and the issuance of her transgenic DS4232 and her policies of political persecutions& judicialization of so called quarentine violators, when in fact the very government is violating the quarentine individually and massively by having lifted the quarentine to her political allies, which is multiplying Covid infections, bc workers congregate and countless thousands of informal mining wokers who are mothers being exposed to death by Anez lifting prematurely the Quarentine and dying or falling ill by being exposed without any protective gear to deadly neurotoxic, mercury and countless toxic chemicals by being subjected to retrieve gold nuggets at toxic waters. The meager nuggets they retrieve gold panning in toxic waters, are purchased-exchanged by the very mining corporations in exchange of meager amounts of transgenic rice, wheat, soy.
What good does it make to trade their health for meager transgenic food, when the gov and the toxic waters are costing them their health& life?
Arturo and Anez are facing those multiple identified serious mass problems bc most of 12 million people are angry, pained with all the lies and coVid starvation Anez is caused by having refused to quarentine Bolivia since last Dic2019.
Dr F Campos feels sad the Anez Govt's refusal to quarentine Bolivia since last Dic 2019 until recently, Anez racist delayed quarentine is causing untold massive suffering to his Incarian descendant brethren & by Anez not having materialized may3 2020 elections, she is manipulating to perpetuate herself under the demagogy that she alone can save Boivians from CoVid, that therefore keep her in office. But people don't believe her & she is caused all this unstability, upcoming economic inflation and recession is growing and sDr FCampos sees his angry and pain brethren are on the streets with mutiple protesting masses, in most cities. And this winter the boiling pot of govt will burst and Anez& Arturo M will be on their way out, bc people are protesting in the streets...you can't kill them all nor incarcerating them, for in the end the people will overcome and free itself.

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