You made your bed, you lay on it!

You made your bed, you lay on it!
@LuisFerCamachoV :
Following orders from your contractor BlackRock& Cia, you both took part on the Nov12 Coup D'etat &you put in power @JeanineAnez, aided her to perpetuate on January 21 2020.
Your Latifundio& Colluding Mining cohorts advised Anez to reject the
December 2 2019 Anez exiled environmentalist indigenous leader Dr Felipe Campos' request to quarentine Bolivia, began arsoning our forests to steal 10 million hectars for your Transgenic interests& when Covid Pandemia began to proliferate the first days of May you kept silendvalong with Anez & when mid May the health System began to colapse& Covid famine shoot high, lukewarm you tried to distance yourselves from your cohort Anez to save your failing presidential candidacy & now you cryout as hysteric people against the Pandemia you along Anez rejected early Dec 2019.
You guys have countless millions of dollars, how come you haven't put your money where your mouth is and donated zero money for test reactives& respirators for Pandemia victims but keep talking by your elbows?
Along with your Cohort Anez you made your bed, you lay on it!
Both of you have kept silent & hiding in your spider holes while people suffer& Covid famine& Pandemia deaths& are ongoing accomplices to the Military high brass giving a week ultimatum threat to aprove Anez list of Commander's rank promotions within a week, else they said they will proceed.
We the people are not panicked to the implicit Coup D'etat ultimatum threat, to promote themselves& close our congress and ruled by Decrees with Anez face or Orellana's face.
It was your cohort Anez's decision to lift the quarentine bc all of you latifundio& colluding Mining corporatists only care for profitting& have a hoot for people's lives, bc you racist don't like indigenous who don't vote for you nor for your cohort Anez.
You want to rule by Decree, go ahead bc we the people will defend our right to exist and our right of self determination bc we're sick& tired by your latifundio& mining opression& Covid famine& italian imported CoVid Pandemia.
You, Anez, Orellana, Camacho, Huyn Chou, Orellana won't last 5 years or even 1 year with your New military Coup!

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