An Open letter to JoeBiden

An Open letter to #JoeBiden
(from an anonimous humble black woman):
ef: Your racism record speaks louder than your empty words

Mr JoeBiden:
Campaining without any respect for a victim of your funded police and through massive media, you pushed your way in, to steal your victim George Floyd's name and his family's pain to further your fame and vote drive! In doing so, you are stealing what little they have: George Floyd antiracist legacy for generations to come, but you wanted to be elected as if antiracist, but you have been a lifetime insidious liar, with an infamous record, much like your accomplice-racist policeman!
"Get tough on crime" with your crime bill you said, Like Trump but through your lifetime, you have have embedded with the largest racist-police-federations of America, letting them write your laws granting them billions of dollars, inmunity& impunity for their racist crimes. In fact you admitted in CBS, "Oppose Defunding the Police...just reform it"
You know you can't teach your old institutionalized racist policemen. And your reforms have endlessly failed& not even the former chief of northern california USA Fed Judge, the receiver of racist Oakland PD, has not succeeded and the murders of black men at the hands of policemen, continue to skyrocket endlessly bc racist masteminds congressmen like you& Pelosi& McConnel, from Congress, to the Judicial branch and the executive branch continue to reform-lip service the police, but racist crimes against blacks and people of color continue to Sky high increase. Bc you & Trump enjoy the Police State that You& Trump carbon created, keep allowing your racist-police to control dissent from the people.
You& Trump rule by terror& not legitimacy!

You Biden ask, "in America...why black americans wake up knowing they can lose their life..."
You know they can loose their life bc in the ninety's you marked them for death, by Funding with billions of dollars your racist police, rather than hiring black teachers, you hired 100 000 policemen & instead of hospitals& jobs for all people, you funded countless concentration camps/prisons to eneich yourselves.
You admitted to tjlhe mefia, you allowed white policemen to write your antiblack laws and wrote countless federal laws which give inmunity& impunity to your racist policemen. And to this day you refuse to abrogate your racists federal laws that endanger the lives of black citizens bc of the color of skin, which you keep omitting intentionally.
Your white catholicism hasn't changed you, from being a professional plagiarist who got busted with plagiarism in a past election.And your racism hasn't stopped. Nor the death of your victims hasn't changed you!
In fact you plagiarize dead justice T. Marshall words! In fact you haven't paid his royalties yet plagiarized Marshall's, time quote " .. dissent from Indiference...refused to turn away from evidence of racism..." So you haven't changed!
As a matter of fact, you as VP, militarized your racist police, and colluding with them, you handed them armour carriers & assault rifles, vests, war forbidden tear created and all armored policemen force. And in doing so, you& your policing cohorts, converted our city streets in war combat zones, where your racist militarized policemen, inmune& impunely have been hunting& killing countless black citizens like animals without a soul.
Hence you made true your inhuman war against blacks, which you euphemistically called 'war on crime' while bleaching yourself whitier than most!
You dehumanize blacks, calling them "boys" as a banana, tobacco& cotton plantation and slave holder, bc with your racists laws you are still enslaving us, with poverty and killing our husbands and sons by your billionaire funded police.
With your racist omnibus law which to this day you have refused to abrogate your racist &;unjust laws,
And you are denying Gianna Floyd, her father to carry her on his shoulders& can't be happy bc she can't play with her daddy, bc you killed George Floyd with your racist omnibus laws and all the laws giving inmunity to police and gifting them billions of dollars l, not to the victins but to their murderers by funding them and hiring 100000 racist gang-member-policeman. And four of them coldly torture him for 9 minutes with excruciating choque hold, murdering Gianna's father and countless other little girls' fathers, which your dead sentence omnibus law has incarcerated& racistly murdered them. And for all your hipocritical election words you said to your premeditated video, to Floyd's widow& his orphan daughter, you can't bring him back bc you murdered black men like her daddy for being black and complying with your lifetime accomplices gang-member police unions of America, who built your political career & you yourself admitted they sat at your table and wrote themselves your racist laws, which you one of the the white supremacists masterminds, enacted and built this present Police State, that mercilessly kills people of color (bc of the color of their skin) through your endorsed racist-murderer-policemen, who don't protect us but murder the complying victims!
In fact you #CarbonJoeBiden admitted to CBS media, " I can't support the black social movement that seeks to Defund the Police" With which you are causing further murders of black father's like Little Gianna's father, whose name& soul you steal for your election campaign to climb to the white house. And yet you didn't right it by paying for her education!
"Now is the time for racial justice" you've been saying while campaigning for office but tou moved no finger to bring raculial justice to black victims.
You alleged, "When there is justice for George Floyd. we will trully be on our way to racial justice in America"
You Biden said to Gianni "Your daddy will have change the World"
Sadly her father's inhuman death at your policemen's knees& power, will not change the world away from your Carbon pandemicand& your racist Pandemia, bc you trully know while you don't defund your racist police and abrogate all your federal laws protecting your racist policemen& your institution of racism, change won't happen in USA nor in the World Biden you killed Gianna's father with your racist omnibus law that incarcerates and murdera black men five times higher than whites.
Prove to black orphans, you catholic are repentant and want to make a u turn away from your carbon pandemic& racist pandemia by your acts and not by your empty words and unscrupolously using your black victims and orphans, by signing a notarized contract with the people, that if we vote for you, You will #AbrogateCarbonPandemia& racism Pandemia by marching on tbe streets seeking to #DefundThePolice and ending your #ToxicOilsubsidies & tax cuts for oilrich elites& #OilBailOuts under the excuse of undoing CoVid harmed BlackRock& Carbon Corporations.
Then we will consider voting for you with the proviso, that once in the WH, you will abrogate the carbon Pandemic rather than token Xl pipeline& you will abrogate all the laws you enacted to empower& create your murderous racist policemen, you will defund the Police, abrogate the Freedom Act that replaced the equally harming Patriot Act that created this police State which took away our constitutional rights and that you will abrogate the entire omnibus law that created 5 fold higher black victims than whites, incarcerates blackmen and murders them.
We await for you to begin marching on the streets to make it a reality, bc only good fruits are valid and empty words not. So #OilJoeBiden put your money where your mouth is or it will reconfirm your record of being a carbon pandemic and a racist pandemic!

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