Anez seeks to blame her own seditious act to MAS indigenous party& wipe them out for it!

Anez seeks to blame her own seditious act to MAS indigenous party & attempts to wipe them out for it!

Foreign contractor Erick Foronda&J Anez are conducting criminalization of MAS party by falsely calling them seditious Terrorists and are planning to wipe their candidates & leadership with military repressive operations dubbed, "Wiping out commies in Bolivia" to exclude them from Sept6 Elections bc they calculate by excluding the upcomming elections winner ArceCatacora- Choquehuanca, Anez will win with the complicity of their appointed Election arbiter TSE.
Their above military operations produces 2 options for Civil-contracted Anez to remain in power.
1] Win Sept6 Elections without ArceCatacora- Choquehuanca
2] Anez AutoCoup D'etat, to close ALP Congress, rule by decree& after pulverizing MAS members for some years, call for Elections as a front runner and win elections
Anez exiled brinksman& campaign expert, Dr Felipe Campos advised Congress,this Bolivian Winter congress has to refuse to extend Anez& by constitutional mandate appoint Eva Copa the interine President with the mandate to materialize the Sep6 elections.
Congress members are to take precautions for their safety& freedom of movement to resist AnezCoup D'etat which is ticking in regressive time& only Orellana& his high command know the time, date& it includes self assault on property of the armed forces& of the State of Bolivia& blame it on MAS, to wipe them out!
If MAS was a pyramid structured party, by arresting Evo, Arce Catacora& Choquehuanca& the heads of congress&COB, Bartolinas, CSUTCB& Co alero heads, Anez Coup would have neutralized MAS party but they learned the bitter lesson of Nov12 Anez' previoys Coup D'etat and MAS is becoming a horizontal party, therefore should Anez arrest these mentioned heads, she will fail, bc the resistance will come horizontal from grass root environmentalists indigenous masses.
The most formidable obstacles to incoming Anez Auto Coup D'etat are:
CoVid Famine, CoVid pandemia, No cash& a current crumbling Bolivian economy& high inflation, a higly polarized Bolivia, caused by Anez herself, and she is desperatelly atempting to deflect her own guilt& blame to MAS party by running millonaire media campaigns, " pushing for Sept6 elections will cause Covid Pandemia deaths and MAS and the other parties to take the blame.
CoVid victims are been found in the streets and stadiums. Case in point is the finding of a Covid female victim's corpse at the Sucre Stadium.
It's a reality Anez can no longer hide Covid Victims left in public spaces!
The guilt&blame belongs to Anez & it comes from her having refused Dr F Campos Dec 2019's request to quarentine Bolivia. Anez too little too late March 2020 began the quarentine, her refusal& failure to acquire respirators& other anticoVid materials and refual to test for CoVid to 12 million people, refusal to purchase reactants& provide hospital beds have caused a Failed State with a Failed sanitary Nal system& above all her racist greater mistake has been to end the quarentine june 1 2020, 2 months prematurely and 2 months before the ascending exponential CoVid curbe hapoens in Bolivia, hence its Anez Government's blame& Bolivians know it and have told her, " you send us to work june 1st, if you say its safe to work, then its safe to vote Sept6, 3 months after you sent us to work"
As you can see, Anez gambled and attempted to use Covid Pandemia as a terror weapon to perpetuate in power, but Covid is boomeranged against her, and Anez caused this polarization, famine, desperation of people, who this winter will face Anez to save themselves from repression, famine& death!

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