Biden & Trump all talk, no action

#EvilRacistCarbonBiden& #EvilRacistCarbonTrump are all talk& not abrogating bad laws & evil guns proliferate against Da People!

#EvilracistCarbonTrump talks he is saving us from CoVid but he killed tax payers who pay his luxeries by having them injected HydroCloroquine that researchers said are hamful& are not antiCovid medicines!
He then mocked black Voters by repeating as a joke, i can't breed but refused to condemn racists killing by racist police and paraded himself with these racist killers on national media!
Then he talked liberals are going to take away all white people's rights and went on with Hannity on Fox news ranting protestors are terrorists& criminals.
Then signed a Uighur congressional bill against China and for all his talk, he intentionally ommitted to sanction economically China and black list chinesse officials for commiting Systemic human rights crimes against islamic believers.
Mr Trump talk is useless so sanction the chinesse economically and blacklist its officials who commit Human rights violations of Hong kongers, khazaks. Kirgys, Hui victims or put a briddle to your lying mouth!
#RacistCarbonBiden you talked of the middle class. We already know we are a great middle class who paid your undeserved wages but all your life you #CarbonJoe, never bailed us out, cut our taxes nor subsidized us, so we don't need your false praises bc you #CarbonBiden gave away to your corporatists, trillions of dollars& to your killer police.
Youn. said, "The great middle class built this country, is suffering"
Yes we are suffering bc of your unjust omnibus law, with which you took away our Habeas Corpus right and you built countless prisons& stuffed them with us people of color and you made us suffer by gifting billions to your killer police that you converted them to unrepentant killers, bc it was you the VP who converted our great country in a combat zone, where you gifted war armoured carriers& handed your police, war assault rifles, war forbidden tear gas, rubber bullets and weapons to your aryans who daily harassed us while pointing the assault rifles you handed them with all your gun legislations, inmunity and impunity and yet you stil continue to refuse to defund your institutionalized racist& killer police and insist with your band aid of failed police reforms, instead of surgically removing these cancerous racist police who keep killing blacks and latinos bc you refuse defunding your killer police!
MR Biden instead of mocking us with your racist comments "suffering middle class" why didn't you revoke the patriot act/ FreedimActLaw, your omnibus law and you didn't return to us our Habeas Corpus rightas and constitutional rights!
And why you as VP and consumated congressman didn't you abrogate the 2nd amedment with which your NRA, killer police& your Aryan militiamen keep intimidating us, threatening us and killing us and killing our children in school massacres and yet you refused to abrogate this deadly 2nd amedment to keep giving aryans gun rights, bc they are your super packs and NRA& racist police votes for you!
You allege you will not evade your executive responsibility. Then why Trump and you haven't offer yourselves to be processed penally for the deads you cause with enacting laws, gun proliferations, gun killings by your racist police and militiamen?
You say pay health professionals but you haven't provided funding bc you want your police to have the funding and not doctors, nurses and health professionals fighting CoVid.
You allege its a duty to care for all, but you keep ovefunding your racist police and overfunding your guzzler military with 750 billion dollars anually and trillion subsidies to your dradly oil cohorts, so its concealed liars and concealed racists like you who don't care to see middle class and people of color being murdered by your killers police and your military creating oil wars to steal somebody's oil for you and your carbon cohorts, after you've know since the sixty's mutually assured nuclear destructio/MAD is the only outcome, you increased arms race and sky high military budgets that have no use in this era of MAD.
All the above shows you don't have any duty and you don't care for us, but only care for your unrepentant self& your carbon cohorts, bc you designed a cheating Paris agreement which you& your carbon cohorts have converted to the Paris Agreement carbon stock market with a carbon tax and a cheating double carbon credit and so, you are killing us with your carbon pandemic, your racist police pandemia...
But after you deported 4 million latinos and killed scores of black citizens as consequence of your onmnibus law, Fredom act law, CoVid famine and by your killer police pandemic, who keep killing us, you dare to pay billions of dollars in Latino& black television asking to vote for you: our killer mastermind?
Abrogate carbon now, abrogate omnibus law, freedom Act law and inmunity and impunity laws, you gave your killer police before you can ask us to vote for you.
Put your money where your mouth is or along with your evil twin Trump, be gone and let Cuomo solve the above, bc you are a disgrace to America and a disgrace to the people of this great nation!
Come Nov3 and the people will give you and racist Trump, our verdict!

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