#CarbonJoeBiden, the concealed& secretive Black Angel of Death!

#CarbonJoeBiden the concealed secretive Black Angel of Death!

All the roads lead to Rome& all social injustice, racist injustice, carbon injustice and climate injustice leads to BlackRock& carbonCorporations, the Gov of Trump, Pelosi-Biden-McConnell& JRoberts and its not only the racistPolice that violates our Constitutional rights& threatens our existence.
Teatrically the mentioned actors of power, like King Herod washed their hands to disclaim against the above injustices and dismissing theNational guard and ending the curfew& turning the lights at the White house and then Biden& Pelosi conning us, "therebisvthe need for a police reform but not by us, but by you through your local city councils"
They all know, all the city councils in USA & the world can't change an iota of the racist police injustice. And evil conning coming from Biden& Pelosi, who are ducking their respobsibility to us, the tax payers who suffer the consequences of their inaction, bc the omnibus law, the Patriot Act renewed with another deceptive name of Freedom Act, the increasing genocidal 5X carbon emissions...that protects& gives inmunity & impunity to the racist police for their killing acts, the environment, the climate can't be change by us through the symbolic city councils but an act of Congress but they refuse to do abrogate these unfair& unconstitutional laws against citizen-tax payers and lets the police agencies at federal state and local level to intrude our privacy etc, information to extortion us to turn other innocent citizens as it was done by the director of the FBI Edgar Hoover.
The pseudo Freedom Act doesn't fight terrorism but frames americans to be dragged as terrorists on the say so of the Gov, and when you put your life savings to defend yourself, Congress& the Judiciary lead by carbon corporatist J Roberts, won't grant you a hearing nor an writ of mandamus compelling the Executive branch to produce in a court of law the alleged terrorist evidence against you and exhausted and moneyless finding you, the police& the legal police of the prosecutor will offer you leniency if you turn others& admit a crime you haven't committed and it doesn't exist but on pieces of paper conconcted by the gov agents and fooolishly you run the risk of admitting a non exiting crime of terrorism for few days in prison & turning other innocents for you to be release on parole.
I disagree with thesr actors of state power who frame ans refuse to abrogate the freedom act which suceeded on may 4 2020, the pseudo Patriot act, bc it has nothing patriotic but snarle to a teao any dissenter to this police state abuse of power, run by the executive, with colusion with congress& the judiciary to perpetuate their carbon private property and that's why Biden the next president that will abuse us and Pelosi said, " there is need to reform the policy but not by us but by u through your local city councils"
So they will preserve& continue to protect the racist gang-member police, to continue milking their carbon cow bc congress which is part of this abusive Gov and the judiciary won't recreate their police structurally.
What do #CarbonJoeBiden& Carbon DTrump have in common?
Both are carbon candidates and both are consumated con-men, with minimun difference of party label& Trump being a vociferous bully and #CarbonBiden being a secretive, silent and calculating con-man, who misleads you to believe he is in the sude if the tax payers but he trully is with his hsnds in the pockets of BlackRock& Oil corporations and he conceals his sexual and physical abuses by his body guards shieldimg him from view& cameras while he himself takes pictures to put you in his black list, then turn and batters you as he batter a state congressman who question his oil interests.
Don't believe the above conmen's words butbytheir acts. He verbally assaulting an environmentalist youth refusing to anwer her, deafened her, " Look at my record"
Well we lokked at his record and stinks with racial injustice, social injustice, a pattern of sexual harrasment, carbon injusticce against humanity and among his abusive racist policies is the onmibus law which not onlu incarcerates disproportionally people of color but took away our only remedy ti all americans: Habeas Corpus, which orders the gov to stop abusing you and set your body free!
#OilTrump is a defeated racist&bygoner but #OilBiden is the concealed& silent black angel of death, who will gas us as Adolf gassed our ancestors in germany, bc the dixiedemocrats(Republican democrats) like Collin powell have endorsed him and Biden will push for the ParisAgreement to finalize the legalization of carbon with a carbon tax and it will consumate the ParisAgrement carbon stock trade market.
We environmentalists need carbonabrogation now to save our humanity, biodiversity, no more racism...and we'll continue peacefully with civil didobeduence till we abrogate carbon whether during the CarbonJoeBiden gov or any gov, bc life takes precedence over #OilJoeBiden the concealed & silent black angel of death, who will gas us to perpetuate his toxic carbon over 8 billion humans corpses!

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