#CarbonJoeBiden Keeps Shackles On People of Color

With Omnibus law& FreedomAct Law #CarbonJoeBiden keeps shackels on us people of color

In 1994 JoeBiden& Tom Scotto colluded to give billions of dollars to create countless prisons& hire 100K policeman to beef up the police Federations of America.
Scotto as president of the associations of police unions, represented a quarter million policemen, hence the second largest police federation in USA.
It created a conflict of interest bc Biden sold out by letting Scotto write the whole 1994 crime bill& in return fir a quarter million policemen politically & financially supporting Biden since then.
But Biden enjoying of inmunity was never investigated and he himself admittedly bragged befote these policemen power brokers, "You guys sat at the conference table for six months& you wrote the bill" (june8 2020, M Kranish, WashInghton Post)
All his political life, he favored them by gifting them billions of dollars from american tax payers, and kept gifting them long after he left the senate, as Obama's VP, he was their lobbyst before the Obama Administration for 8 years.
But now that Carbon corporations, CoVid, the policemen and racist Carbon Trump have caused these giant massive antiracist social movement, Biden conceals his policing agenda and his ties to the police establishment of the US. Bc it could cost him his becoming the next president of USA, should the protest novement react adversely to his racist lifetime policing record of tough on crime current agenda.
Biden has assured them he won't defund the police& asked the police power brokers to lay low and not come to him, until he is elected president with black votes, latino votes....
Bleaching out #CarbonJoeBiden, wants to hide his lifetime racism but ride to the white house, on the growing antiracism mass protests of americans, who have joined #BlackLivesMatter, for being unjustly murdered by police funded by Biden the chamaleon alleging he is changing& will seek police reformin 1994 with his omnibus law, Joe Biden reform the poolice into a lethak and racist police.
His Police reform is-his-same tough-on-crime lifetime policy, which has massively incarcerated & murdered blacks.
His police reform has created this State police, with his patriot act/ Freedom Act law, omnibus law, wioch with billions of tax payers money has created countless prisons& cementeries for black americans. Yet Biden keeps banging his useless police reform, adding more deceptive words to his lexicon, "Real police reform" yet he converted policemen in a militarized police, armed with massive free armored vehicles, humbees, war assault rifles, vests, forbidden tear gas, rubber bullets...reforming America into a combat zone& against our very tax payers, specially against 4 centuries shackeled black people, by his policemen shackeling G Floy blacks with choqueholding legs till murdering him & countless black people and even as Obama's 2014 VP Biden protected his racist murderer-policemen who cowardly murdered Michael Bown& rejected to proseceute his racist murderous- policemen.
Bc both snow white candidates #CarbonJoeBiden& #CarbonDTrump's voting base is white voters, specially white supremacists, Biden doesn't want to lose white block votes, but gain Black& Latino voting blocks. So Biden coldly declared, "some parts of 1994 Crime bill have worked& some have not"
There are only dead blacks or live black voters. There is no resurrecting countless murdered innocent blacks his crime bill murdered, yet he wants to cheat us voters, alleging, some parts don't work like 3 strikes you're out,, so Biden wants to keep the crime bill with minor esthetic reform but it's a dead trap for blacks, latinos incressing more cemetries& leaving orphan little Giannas fatherless, starving and terrorized. Yet callously this very Biden, their death architect pushed into the burial his victims, he videos spoke in his texas burial.
Save your video speeches bc your victims families see you can't give them your same dead trap Crime bill/omnibus law, bc you can't resurrect your black& Latino victims!
Biden listen, In the book of Apocalypsis, apostle John, revokes your hipocresy, "You can't be warm, you should be one or the other. I am about to vomit you out of my mouth bc you are so lukewarm" &, "You can't have to masters. You will hate one or the other"
So #CarbonJoeBiden who legalized toxic 5x carbon emissions with your disguised Carbon Stock trade ParisAgreement market, entirely abrogate your omnibus law that disproportionally incarcerstes innocent indigent blacks&murders blacks 5 fold than whites.
You admitted you will not Defund your bed partner, the police, who defends murderous policemen& reject reform&and like the racist concealed you, perpertuates black murders and rejects being identified as racists for the murders of blacks& Latinos, American indians...
Machiavellian Biden, you hid your implicit endorsement by the 400k Nal Fraternal order of police federation and after CBS monday broadcasted your admission to opposing Defunding your bed partner, you are stonewalling the media, to keep hiding your concealed lifetime racism& keep refusing to adress the causes that adversely affects blacks: you admitted' it doesn't matter they are victims of (white) society..,poverty, racism...they must be taken off the street', you said but 400 years bondaged blacks suffer, bc of being opressed perpetuated by power brokers like you, who refuses to abrogate your countless laws giving inmunity and impunity to your racist bed partners!
You admitted saying, "...50 years lock them up..."
These shorts months to election day. You allege old joe is dead& I am a new baby, will consider supporting the proposed 20 billion dollars presented by the Carter Center, "Suffering americans...suffering generation after generation on hurt inflicted on people of color" But these are your empty words, too little too late and your old joe and new Joe are the same deceitful& unrepentant police embedded Biden, who tell us what we'd like to hear, but killed our habeas corpus relief means for all incarcersted innocent Americans & with your patriot/ Freedom Act laws you took defacto our constitutional rights under the mask of fighting terrorism in our streets you send your militarized police after us and to keep spying on us. But no thanks, we don't believe your thousand tongues of angels,& hollow cymballs, without any good deeds, are useless noise bc lifetime you had no empathy for black victims& you have no love for any non-policemen but for yourselves cotton plantation masters who shamelessly calls our husbands, sons and grandchildren "Boys"
And you can't erased with your elbow what lifetime you and your carbon & police cohorts wrote with your hands, racism and social injustice and climate injustice shackels that threatens to genocide and extinct us, while you endlessly subsidize your carbon cohorts& racist- pandemia-policemen and enrich yourselves and like
Heartless GreekoRoman gods laugh at our suffering and death nowadays!

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