Defacto Anez Gov wants loose law 199& extend her term!

Defacto AnezGov wants loose law 199& extend her term!

Law 199 may only work in Plato's democratic Republic and not as long as AnezDefacto gov is in power!
firstly If Congress/ALP can remember under the excuse of having elections in September, Anez will expect a second sixt months extension in power, before her term ends in mid July 2020.
No, no, no, no. Don't extend her 6 months extension in power bc by constitutional mandate, EvaCopa must assume the transitional presidency to materialize the Elections before her transition term ends mid July with another excuse of delivering power in January 21st 2021.
This senate aproved law makes so many assumptions which Anez will misuse to implant States of exemption/ Shuspending constitutional rights, like a) "Irregular forces..." b)"threats to the interests of Bolivia",
C) "a senator or house member can challenge and terminate the Gov declaration of 'States of excemption any time'" etc!
@ Sergio_Choque-S rewrite it to say in a) Executivo Gov can't say protesting bolivian citizens are irregular forces
b) regardless their size, popular protests are not threats to Bolivia's interests, nor hunger strikers or civil disobedience!
The use of fireworks, kitchen pots/cacerolazos, sticks, disguises, paint water canisters by protestors, are not threats to the interests of bolivia but their means of adressing their constitutional grievances, freedom of expression, freedom of assambly...abd can't be suspended nor criminalized, nor detain them for it.
C) you assume congres will always be open& working, but you forgot, dictators like Anez anytime from now, can and will close congress& not a single congressman will be able to enter the closed senate & not a single congressman will reach the congressional house to end the states of excemption as it happened in Nov 12 when military& police blocked congressmen from reaching and tried to open a congressional session, they wre blocked by deadly military& police forces and Anez self proclaimed transitional Gov without an act of congress.
It has to be rewritten, "ant congressman who reaches a church or media newspaper or Tv station, or radio station, local mayor's or goverbor's office or court, upon recording the request of a single congressman to end the statesof excemption, it will be terminated the state of Exception!
Sergio abrogate the civil monetary fine to protestors whonprotest agains the gov declaration of State of excemption, " violarors of a state of excemption imposed by gov, its military, police etc, can't vdetain nor deprive cotizen protestors for expressing their freedom of expression, assambly, but can be driven a km away from the protest site and unconditionally released bc you can't punish peaceful protestors, for expressing their freedom of expresion and rewrite law 199, to say, "states of exception can't exceeed 24 hours" otherwise Anez may stretch it indefinitelly!
The Judicial/TCP al or TSE or executive branch can't subject nor abrogate the authtority of congress. such act constitutes sedition.
No one can force ALP to extend term to Anez. She expires as transition gov mid july and only eva Cipa must suceed at mid july2029, the presidency by constitutional succession and she will materialize the elections, Anez failed to materialize.
So don't extend Anez term. If you allow extending term to Anez, she will perpetuate herself, bc she intends not to have elections she can't win!

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