Defund the police, the military& congressmen!

We're in economic crisis: Time to Defund the police, military& Congressmen!

When the colonists formed the militiamen turn into a military force was to protect our civil ancestors lives against foreign troops occupying our land. Matter of fact our military expelled the foreign english ocuppying forces out of our soil, and that was the intent of creating the military.
Then came pinkerton guards and carbon Billonaire JP Morgan to destroy unions opposition to his carbon mining interests , used them as assailants and killed the leadership and after it turned it to a deadly police force. Since then the carbon billonaires miused the police to clamp down on any dissent under the guise of law and order but really to protect their billionaire private wealth/ private property.
And use violent police to keep clamping down on the people, and the result is this 5x toxic carbon pandemic emission& racism pandemic.
Nowdays police enjoy wages thst no professionals get despite their doctoral degrees, carbon pandemic has created 15% unemployment, and we live under tight economic conditions while the police gobbles up 40% of our cities budget and dryg crimes are at its highest, what for do we need to fund a lyxerious repressive police siitingbon their desks, while drug& other crimes are at its heighest and they are racially songling us out & killing some of us unjustly?
Lets Abrogate the police or at least defund the police till wrbonly have cops and no higher brass but a civil supervisor instead of 50% brass commanders& 50% beat cops.
We have seen how the Carbon corporations manipulated to cause wars to create themselves markets for their war commodities and we've seen the military budget now is separated from the US budget and the military budged eats half of our GDP and wastes every year over 700 billion dollars for nothing but oil interests to enrich toxic BlackRock& its carbon cohorts!
Now Trump wants to revert his election defeat by creating the impression of a strong gov who dominates the tax payers with military& police terror and he subsidized oil corporations, plush bailef them out and enacted tax cut only for toxic carbon corporation elitists, and now racist Trump is ordered deployed the military& police + DEA, FBI, etc against us the tax paying people of USA Trump is waging biochemical &military warfare against the people and bayonet ready the military is in DC to wage war on us peaceful protestants expressing our legitimate grievances against racist police murders of colored people.
Well Mr Trump you can pay them with your own pocket and you carbon corporates too. Bc we refuse to pay police that is racially killing us & we refuse to keep throwing 700 billion dollars annually to a military that is not defending us and with the existence of nuclear weapons which assures mutual distruction, we no longer need a military nor waste 700 billion dollars annually to enrichba military thats too grasso and attacking the unarmed us.
700 Billion dollars annually can be better used for a new civil service Act, to create solar energy and organic vegan production for the good of people.
We're in economic crisis, it's time to defund the police, the military& Congressmen who silently allow them to wage war against the people!
Whenever we are attacked, please do not respond with violence but seek immediate medical assistance!

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