Dictator @JeanineAnez seeks to silence Gulliver Ollie Vargas voice of truth

Dictator@JeanineAnez seeks to silence
Gulliever Ollie Vargas' voicing truth

I am not talking of the irisman's hero, Lemuel Gulliver travel to Lilliput, i am writing the oddysea genesis of Gulliver Ollie Vargas, a scotman's travelled to the Bolivian Amazon, not in search of Atawallpa's gold or Amazonian fame, but sacrificing his comfort zone in the UK, heading to meet the descendants of the Inca& Amazon descendants in the Bolivian Amazon forests.
He met them as they were attempting a socioeconomic change, which became aborted by the empire of the North's Coup D'etat masked as a democratic Gov, but since then Bolivians& Gulliver Ollie Vargas have learned in nearly a year, Anez the masked savior was a thief& genocider colluding with the dark North empire's & olygarchic Latifundio-mining interests of her transgenic soy, red meat& rosca mining club reimposing Colonialism&Narcoterrorism in the name of God, Democracy&Family! But those are her masked lies!
Ollie became the one who broke the silence of the environmental indigenous class in voicing their truth to the English, Spanish, Environmentalist and Carbon world, through KawsachunCoca Radio: @KawsachunNews in twitter! Along with anez' exiled Dr Felipe Campos, Ollie voiced the truth against Sacaba, Senkata& El Pedregal genocides of unarmed, peaceful innocent indigenous people; the Anez Scandalous respirators corrupcion during critical time when most Bolivians need the respirators, Anez stole millions and when being questioned, feigned investigating and locked some of her pawns but Ollie kept at it and exposed Anez&Murillo as the recipients of said useless respirators negotiated by her son in law Mostajo an ambassador scheemer with fat dollar wages in the USA, her health czar Navajas, her Barcelona Consul Parejas, etc. But Anez is kept them free from jail, bc Anez gave them defacto inmunity and impunity through het controlled judicial branch. But the most damage came with Ollie & other journalists exposing Anez refusalvto test for CoVid Pandemia, underrepoeting number of pandemia victims, seeking to be elected president but due to Ollie's denunciation, that Anez broke Bolivia's sanitary system& has no plan to contain the growing exponential curve of Covid victims and her covert pilicy of seeking extension after extension, to remain in power, is to the detriment of Bolivians, and her ongoing campaign to judicialize and incarcerate leaders with sedition& terrorism, is failing due to people like Ollie who dared to voice for thr silenced indigenous class majority and is costing her the elections and she can't win any!
So Erick Foronda& J Suarez, ordered Jeanine, Murillo and Ministers Lopez & Yerko Nunez to sped up shot gun trials against MAS' most active leaders, but Ollie and other journalists denounce these unconstitutional arrests to the world and as Anez ending term comes in 3 weeks& to eliminate congress's new e
ExceptionState law that disarms the exceptio n.v al powers of dictator Anez, the latter is unleashed a multiple prong desperate campaigns: 1) to ask ther colluding partner TSJ justices to declare Congress' Exception State law, invalid 2] Shot gun trials and 3) postpone the Sep6 2020 elections by her Gov sowing anarchy, sedition and terrorists acts but blaming of said acts to MAS leaders.
As I write #LucyEscobarRemmyFernandezOsvaldoGareca are still deprived of freedom and Murillo&Coimbra mounted a framing to judicialize and incarcerate Gulliver Ollie Vargas with false and malicious prosecution for sedition, terrorism& narcotraffic, which given the reality of Anez Control over Bolivia, she is the one directing a State of sedition, terrorism& increased narcotraffic in Bolivia and out to the world. But right now, Anez is desperately broadcasting a massive and millionaire Gobbelian  media propaganda campaign to sell these 3 charges against Gulliver Ollie Vargas& countless leaders, among them front runner and sure presidential upcoming winner Luis Arce.
Anez Civil contractor's acting arms, includes @radiomanus, have flooded TV media and FB, twitter with @OVargas52 portraits as narcoterrorist paid by MAS, which is Nonsense, as most people know their Gulliver @OVargas52 is not that kind of person but working for pennies and voicing for the silent majority indigenous class in mosquiro infected land and away from his comfort zone in the UK.
Please viralize the quest for Gulliver @OVargas52 so he continue living and still be safe& free, bc in all the world, BlackRock, Carbon Corps& Govs are colluding & retaliating by killing Journalists who voice the truth for the protectors of our remaining forests which we all need to take a breath every second of our lives and every piece of fruit we eat and every cup of drinking water we enjoy!
Thank you!

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