Do not extend J Anez Gov term& Do not postpone Sept6 2020 Elections!

Do not extend J Anez Gov term nor postpone Sept6 2020 Elections!

Anez exiled Dr Felipe Campos, has sentenced, Anez continues to reject signing the Sept6 elections bc she is playing 2 evil political moves!
1] Anez expects her colluder accomplice TCP has to rule on her behalf but if she signed septvelections before sept6, her colluding partner the TCP may get indicted by ALP for ruling to extend her government by 6 months after she had already signed for Sept6 elections.
2] if TCP were to reason her & deny her extension of election delay, an implicit rejection to extend her mid july2020 ending term, Anez wants her rank promoted commanders to deploy troops& execute her Auto Coup D'Etat, to close congress and rule entirely by decree under the guise of State of exception alleging to save Bolivians from CoVid& famine, Chaos, anarchy, desintegration of Bolivia.
We retired academicians evaluated experienced brinksman& experienced political campaigner Dr Felipe Campos's political theories on Anez and realized he is right and confirmed by the threat of her government minister Murillo & Defense minister Lopez, who admitted he will not hesitate to kill indigenous protestors who they falsely present them as coup makers.
We concurr with Dr Campos' and advise congress to let the new elected upcoming president 1]grant or deny said military comanders promotions of rank
2] ALP congress must not grant a fourth time extension to Anez.
3] Impeach Anez for CoVid irresponsability, sedition& corruption on adquisition of overpriced respiratirors and weapons of war against the people.
4] Make EvaCopa the interim President to materialize the presidential election in compliance with the constitution's mandate of presidencial succession.
5] Anez has seen she ca not win any elections.
Be forewarned, congressmen must assure their safety and freedom of movement, so when to close the ALP Congress, Anez executes any time her Auto Coup D'etat & deploys her armed military as last Nov12 2020, congressnen must patriotically joinIndefiniteCivilDisobedience of self convocated people who seek to rescue our trillionaire lithium, Democracy and freedom of 12 million en- vironmentalists from the clutches of Authoritarian fascism. And may Mother Earth and future generations remember us for our good deeds& not for our empty words and passivity to undemocratic authoritarian fascism!
Fuerza, fuerza, fuerza companeros q la lucha es dura pero venceremos a las pititas-twiteras- Rosqueras-Latifundistas- Genocidas!
Jallalla Bolivia!
Jallalla Madre Tierra q nos alimentas!

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