Either Defund or Restructure the Police But Make Complete Change

Racist militarized police should keep mastering us or be defunded& recreated structurally?

Republican Democrat parties&Trump& Biden were not the only ones who created the above but the prevailing racist Carbon corporate elite to defend its hoarding assets&interests& power.

Obama's policies to a great extend were Biden's, from the bus law policy, the nowadays carbon&stock market of the ParisAgreement, to the current carbon pandemic, to the militarized police, the patriot act carry Biden's foot prints and his recent actions for the return of 100% jobs of his carbon economy shows, he doesn't care for the opression we suffered at the hands of the institutionalized 4 centuries old racism and worst while Mit Rommey marched with us antiracist peaceful protestors, Biden hid in his itsy bitsy spider hole while Trump escalated towards cementing not only armed retaliation by the racist militarized police and National guard and federal agencies such as the FBI, ICE, DEA, military in the social media and surveilance against american tax payers, but Trump aimed at materializing the State police.
If all the deadly abuse by the militarized police was choque hold/ lynching black citizens/ color people by police, as Congress assumes, solved police racism and we can go back to carbon businessas usual with the reinstatement of 100% employment as Biden said.
But no. Though lynching is a serious problem, but it's an overstretchhed bandaid which can't cure the cancer of police racism.
Formet chief judge of the US Court in Northern California reached the peek of reform backed by the judicial branch& the US justice Department but he didn't listen, " Reforming old racist police officers won't do it bc you can't teach tricks to old vicious racist officers"
Thelton the receiver of the police force, didn't listen & continued with his reforms but as we saw the police force keeps killing black people and keeps brutalizing people.
Trump dismissed the National Guard, turned off the WH' lights. And police unions around the country are mostly saying, "We had errors & are open to police reform but don't talk about defunding the police, dismanteling it and sending officers home with pink slips, we'll reform our training not to choque hold"
Choque hold is only of the symptons of the incurable metastized police-cancer and reform a band it which can't cure it, for we've been hearing for decades since last millenium of police reforms but the are simply lip service reforms, PR and this third millenium we've experience reforms have failed and will continue failing and costing human lives& causing us PTSD and economic& social bankrruptcy.
Most citizens hold no meaningful economic assets and don't need the police and their only contact and abuse happens at the hands of the racist police-cancer.
The carbon corporations and investors hold most of the wealth and since Rockefeller& J PMorgan wanted to break american workers who demanded humane conditions of work and decent wages, to preserve their carbon assets, hired thugs and along with Gov, armed them and broke the unions at gun point& killing their leaders and didn't stop using armed Pinkerton security guardd/thugs, till imposing their economic interests and will.
From then on, led the creation of a lethal & racist police force to legally kill workers' leaders, who they perceive as a threat to their assets/ private property, interests and hunger for power to continue milking the carbon cow perpetually with countless subsidies, bail outs, tax cuts, under the deceptive excuse, the are source of jobs and they don't become accountable for their criminal acts, except meanigless fines, while they manipulate Govs to pass laws to preserve their monopolistic wealth and make the racist, police-cancer inmune and impune and give them meaningless slap on the wrist or termibation and dismissed police get colateral contracted by other city's police force, etc.
BlackRock& their carbon corporations cohorts can pay for their own private guards and webtax payers don't need to subsidize them with our taxes oaying to protect their deadly toxic carbon pandemic assets/property with police force & military force, specially when police-parasite eats 40% of our city budget and worst, we pay these racist metastesized police cancer, to harm & kill us with war forbidden deadly weapons like tear gas, armored trucks, rubber bullets...as if in a military combat zone and against enemy combatants, thus having erroneously created, the greatest threat to our civilized and peaceful society!
We as civil society need to #DefundPolice and dismiss the old deadly racist metastesized police-cancer mentality/culture of violent policemen. And we must as society abrogate the 2d amedment to carry guns, and if you say as city council you have to have a police institution.
Then after you dismiss/ dismantle the current deadly police, recreate structurally the police force from scratch:
1] Recruit university master holders, physicians, nurses, psychiatrists as applicants instead of poorly educated high schoolers.
2] Psychiatrist teams must screen applicants and the latter must show emotional stability& maturity under stressful situations.
3] Only eligible professionals that have lifetime clean records & or are emotionally fit individuals may apply & be hired and retain as policeman
4] must be a temporary 6 month job at which end, ad temp workers must get a first class medical certificate,k as airmen do nowadays, to show he us still medically fit to serve as policeman, or be terminated bc he can't be trusted with a gun & badge on his possesion bc he's like a walking bomb time.
5] They work under supervisors and there are no high brass comanders, highly paid and pensioned, bc to be a police man is not aimed at making her/ him rich but to have the honor of humbly serving the community whose taxes pay his wages.
6] can't be a war zone veteran who already suffering PTSD may snap and kill innocent bystandars of questioning suspect who asks what is his probable cause to interrogate or arrest her/him.
7] All applicants and hired policemen must be from the community, bc their main duty besides protecting, is to be community peace makers& helper& not a bullies who vents their racism& personal frustrations or political agenda on other human beings.

The above is a partial list of requisites to be and remain as a hired servant but the budget allocated to a police force must exceed 5% compared to 40 percent of the city/ county or state's or country's budget from other must have services like, health, housing, education, health infrastructure, etc. And carbon corporations/ businesses, must hired their own private guards from their own profits.

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