Either We Abrogate Carbon, guns & 2nd Amendment or resign ourselves to being masacred "en mas"

Either we #Abrogate Carbon Guns And 2nd Amendment or Resign ourselves to be massacred "en mas"

This is the habitual systemic racism deadly gun-ho misconduct created by #RacistCarbon GunPandemicGenociderJoeBiden's lifetime achievement along with #RacistCarbonGunPandemicGenociderTrump that are killing not only people of color but killing our innocent ColombineSchoolChildren
By enacted legislation & policies of #WarGenociderJoeBiden& #WarGenociderTrump, millions of innocent children are being killed with their #UnendingOilWars under the excusing name of god, democracy& vital interests, which are not our country's and not humanity's but the vital interests of #RacistElitistCarbonGunTransnational Corps.
EIther we elect a 2020 peaceful environmentalist presidential candidate who will abrogate cargonGunPandemic&2d Amendment or Resign ourselves to be ColumbineMassacred by #CarbonGunPandemicGenociderJoeBiden or #CarbonGunPandemicGenociderTrump
And while this machine guner and trigger happy racist couple threaten us to death, where is racist CarbonTrump's and RacistCarbonGunJoeBiden's overfunded police& why they haven't arrested these 2 #AmericanRamboTerrorists who are ready to shoot at us?
Absent& drinking with overpaid wages& fat pensions and laughing at us along with their racist police unions& waiting for us to pay 100% of our taxes to overfunded gang- member-police bc they are unhappy with 45% ciry budget for police, they receive from us tax payers.
BIllBarr& Missouri State Atorney gral we demand their arrest&sentencing of these 2 armed terrorists or resign now!


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