Facebook Violates its own Fact-Check Policy

FB violates its own fact-check policy & not only endorses but sponsors missinformation spread by Climate deniers like C02 coaltion!

FB's op-ed loophole policy/fact check exemption is not only endorsing but sponsoring systemic missinformation spread by climate deniers lead by the CO2 coalition, headed by Pat Michaels who false alleges he's got a climate Science PHD, but that is an insidious lie and Michael's misinformation is harmful bc his is not an opinion and is a systemic denial of the iireversible harm CO2 emissions are causing against our lives, children & planet and exposing us to higher incidence& prevalemce of cancers caused by C02 cancerigenic emissions in every breath we take, every handfull food we eat and every cup of water we drink!
Viralize this campaing against FB endorsing& sponsoring by its systemic desinformation on C02 harm to cause the perpetuation of do- nothing-against Current life threatening C02 policy and perpetuates the golden carbon cow to enrich not only BlackRock, Carbon corps, govs but FB, the enemy of truth on the harm caused by CO2, enemy of life and enemy of the people & of our children and our biodiversity!
This is one of compelling reasons to create in our own country's a Non- monopolistic or Non-olygopolistic FB mass media and our legislatures must break FB for its non- competitive but evil hoarding economics, and materialize FB follows the the path of Microsoft windows, AT&T, etc.
This column is based on genuine information from our friends at:

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