FB exempts carbon candidates from spreading desinformation...

FB exempts carbon candidates from spreading desinformation& exempts them from its fact-check rule!

I know scores of people who arbitrarily were abused by FB, who never gave them a hearing nor bother to listen their opinions, nor care for their political opinions but FB suspended them multiple times under their doble standard and prejudice for little people who disagreed to be harmed by carbon toxic cancerigenic CO2, methane, mercury, etc bc FB wanted to fa or carbon corporations& colluding govs who have monopoly or oligopily market to FB& his transterritorial cohorts, Apple, goggle etc
And FB noe adds insult to injury by exempting not only the desinformation spread frequently by carbon defenders like the coalition CO2& Now FB is exempting the hatred, racism& desinformation of RacistCarbonGunGenociderTrump and #CarbonGunGenociderJoeTrump
Globally FaceBook is harming us with Desinformation fact check exemption for JoeBiden& CarbonTrump, for their political campaign of desinformation.
Then FB why did you countless times suspended little guys when you are exempting big lies and big harm& racial hatred by Trump& Biden and endorsing these carbon actors of state power, who are giving you legal inmunity not to be sued and letting you keep monopoly and/ or olygopoly of your 2.4 billion members in exchange for you granting them the fact- check- exemption!
We global citizens are not going to be deceived and abused by you colluding with BlackRock, carbon corps& Govs, bc you are acting outside the RICO act which forbids monopilies and/ or olygopoly cartels andvyou need to break up into pieces as AT& T and Microsoft windows was broken up, for you are violatong antitrust laws harder than the ones who were broken up.
Whether Biden or Trump you and your cohorts elect, its not over for us until you monopolistic fat lady sing the truth of becoming soon a broken AT& T like, bc the constitution codemns you!

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