For Diversity Sake: Time to Abrogate Toxic Carbon- No More Business As Usual

For Biodiversity's sake: Time to abrogate toxic Carbon business as usual!

Racist Pandemic SupranationalState Actor of Power BlackRock&toxic CarbonCorporations play all sides& keep us divided, to keep milking the carbon cow perpetually, under their useless euphemisms & deception mask of their "ParisAgreement Carbon Stock trade market", where they are about to legalize their toxic increasing Carbon emissions by bating us like foolish monkey's with peanuts in the hole of a trap: Carbon tax, double carbon credit, resilience to toxic carbon, adaptation to toxic carbon, transition to zero carbon by 2050, brainwashing us to believe to keep jobs one has to continue using toxic carbon, otherwise the global Carbon economy colapses & you'll be unemployed& starve to death.
But all their scare mongering us, are false & malicious and seek to keep the captured monkeys perpetually chained!
Their carbon business as usual is genociding prematurelly over 7 million people anually, with carbon causing cancers, destroying irreversibly people's health, Nature's health, under the belief only through their global carbon economy, humanity&Earth, climate, biodiversity... will survive.

Biodiversity/Nature has lived& survived without a toxic carbon economy for countless thousands of years since the Neanderthal age & they preserved biodiversity for us, But the racist elite's carbon economy, barely exists over 2 centuries but its about to irreversibly extinct Biodiversity, which includes us human rational animals.
How do carbon elitist & their carbon economy gets to dominate us?
Colluding with governments, big brother surveilling us, dividing us with their Racist-Religious-dogmaticBible & policies (we rational beings are part of Biodiversity), retaliating against us, and genociding us with Racist Pandemia, Carbon Pandemia, CoVid Pandemia, genociding our natural Immune System with Vaccines by their greedy pharmaceutical & government cohorts, genociding us with biowarfare agrotoxi& neurotoxics, which genocide entire especies of insects, soil, water, oxygen we breath ever second of our lives: Transgenic food we are imposed to eat, which contains toxic excessive levels of antibiotics that kill our inmune system, oil wars, famine, etc

What must have felt the innocent jewish & dissenting victims of Aryan supremacists, when they were being gassed& burned?
Terror, excruciating physical and emotional untold pain, anguish...hearing as their agonizing children screamed& being impotent to save their lives and themselves?
#NeverAgain, was a belief our grandmothers and/or parents had, but these evil& unjust carbon perpetuating supremacists keep doing it, as they did it in Vietnam, Biafra...with unjust imposed racial war for oil, Afganistan, Irak, Yemen...
And these genociders keep genociding countless entire species of animals, cubs, insects, Amazon forest, congo forest, Australian forests, Siberian forest... to impose their transgenic plants, red meat, toxic mining, toxic oil shale fracking with a thousand injected toxic carcinogenic chemicals, which poison the soil, aquifers, flora, fauna. Etc.
By being passive to BlackRock, carbon corps& govs, we are hurting our biodiversity irreversibly and ourselves bc we live in a closed circular systems where we are interdependent!
These carbon genociders KNEW for decades they were distroying our very means of survival, that is permafrosts, glaciars, oceans, soil, water, oxygen etc.
Marine flora& fauna are so important to us bc they feed us and provide half the oxygen we breath every second of our lives.
Glaciars and forest trees along with oceans produce wind currents like the jet stream to refrigerate us and produce rain water& oxygen for all living beings. And as we allow these racist carbon genociders to destroy our biodiversity, we suffer epidemies, famine& cancers and very premature massive irreversible deaths bc you can't resurrect as the racist bible tells us!
Museums are now seekingbto preserve ice pieces of irreversibly dying permafrosts in Artic& Antartic& pieces of ice from glaciars.
Their tragic genocide threatens our very biodiversity human existence of our species, bc BlackRock& Oilcohort corporations have caused with their 5x carbon emissions to irreversibly exceed the tipping points of permafrost in the Artic, Antartic, the Mississipi mangroves, etc and now we are facing a climate apocalypse threat, bc the temp increase will be between 6& 12°C within 15 years & they are lying to us dayingbit will barely increase 1.5°C!
Academia is now mostly owned by these genociders& keeps brainwashing humanity to believe false unlimited GDP growth, which is not possible, but along with their govs cohorts, keep warfaring against us with Covid pandemic, carbon pandemic, racism pandemic.
Then why does some significant population percent support going back to preCovid #CarbonBusinessAsUsual?
Bc with a carbon academia& a white supremacist carbon dogmatic bible, they keep brainwashing people, including our children, to crave for dominion by any means which poisons their minds destructively
Case in point:god gave dominion to mankind over all creation...
His skin was fair/white but Esau sking was dark!
Jesus paid for your sins and no matter what you do, the blood of Jesus will forgive you if you repent.
(Which creates a vicious cycle to commit crimes & everytime repent and be saved from your criminal sins without personal responsibility nor paying for the consequences of your crimes bc his blood is payment& it forgives you 70 times 7....)
"God slew the Hitites, jebuzites, the cananees...i will give the victory to my people...
You are my people...( and the rest of humanity are heathens/demonic)and "a thousand will fall to your right and ten thousand to your left but death will reach to you"
In the final days...wars ....plagues and massive deaths will happen bc it is written before the foundation of the world, so the prophecies may be fulfilled!
Armagedon will happen and only the chosen people of god will be spared( and bllions must die)
Who is god and who wrote it?
Mostly white supremacists who believe only they are chose &the rest must die!
White graecoRoman Paul, John... wrote domatic tyrany..."women must submit to men.
Die every day to the needs of your body...set yourself free of this carcass/ corruptible body which imprisons you"
And Jesus will come from the clouds and defeat/kill them and he will set his kingdom for a millenium of peace.
Such tyranical teachings have served for this carbon elite to wage oil wars, cause genocides in the name of Jesus...or like Hitler to bring the millenium, genocided innocent jews by gassing and burning them in owens and countless millions were genocided by his war machine.
Nowadays racist police use choque holding knees over their necks as shackels to kill blacks as if their slaves
we are taught to believe we americans enjoy safety by police and the highest standard of life and we are the givers and recipients of the american dream& have the best system of health and we are the richest nation in the globe.
I lived in LA and almost died by cancer caused by oil refineries and still i am fighting for my life.
My lifetime savings invested in a house, got arsoned by third paries used by police, who later choque held me and I was lucky to awake and survive and my doctoral degree didn't spare me from the racist police and i don't live the american dream nor can attain it as consequence of racist police, who distroyed my life. And no authority wants to process police for their crimes.
I suffered the above retaliation bc a mighty carbon actor of state power got frustated and mad at me for my demanding carbon be abrogated.
Countless americans are suffering the same, including blackAmericans like #GeorgeFloyd whose lips they silenced and those of people of color.

Each one of us must be a leader who must talk for the victims' silenced lips, so our peaceful protests do not perish by the assassination of 1 leader, as they did to MLK...!
You remember, Justice Wendell Holmes teachings of racial Eugenics was exported beyond our borders by carbon corporations, specially to Germany, where they financed Adolf H, who then practiced Eugenics genocide unjustly against innocent & educated jews and also practiced the bible teachings as Trump dies against Biodiversity, including humanity and harms us with those racist biblical teachings of "god gave dominion"
It's a false dominion & opresive bc Trump is applying against us peaceful protestors, with forbiddem biowarfare, Hydrocloroquine, antiinfection shots, tear gas, pepper gas, rubber bullets shooting at us by the very unidentifiable military who sang "Praise the lord, pass the ammo" and nowadays hide their names, placards, branch of military and surveille us as if enemy combatants, which we are not for we love our Country!
We rational animals have to learn not to separate and divide biodiversity and downgrade them with bias and realize the occurring extinction of entire biodiversity species is happening, & stop cheating ourselves, that it won't reach us!
After the forests extinction and species extinctions caused by BlackRock, carbon corps& Govs like Trump, it is reaching us!

We must not content ourselves by saying happy biodiversity day, bc these genociders have passed already the tipping points of permafrost, etc
We are experiencing CovidPandemia, Aryan supremacist Pandemia, famine Pandemia etc.
Ad these few coming years are our last chance to spare ourselves and the rest of biodiversity.
Yes, now that we're experiencing #CoVidPandemic, #RacismPandemic, #CarbonPandemic, bc CoVid is temporarily stopped it and now that we are at the crossroads of reversing 5x carbon pandemic, let's keep at peaceful massive civil disobedience protests and not go back as shackeled animals bound for the slaughter house, for this is our chance to revert and abrogate permanently this deadly carbon Pandemic for a #SolarAndVeganGlobalEconomy to survive, instead of being made extinct by BlackRock, carbon Corporations& Govs, bc #OnlyThePeopleSavesThePeople!


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