Fund Civilian Community Service Corps by Defunding racist lethal Police

Fund Civilian Community Service Corps by Defunding racist lethal Police.

Rockefeller supported JP Morgan practice of hiring armed thugs as security guards to protect their hoarding carbon empire.
Yes, they used Pinkerton security guards to kill the leadership of unions who demanded human working conditions.
JP Morgan carbon elitists used Pinkerton guards as prototype of Police. Police a lethal force to have social control over unions& the whole community!
Nowadays citizens pay Federal tax, state tax& city tax.
As Citizens we have the right to demand Fed gov to use our federal tax, not to make oil wars and enrich merchants of death but use constructively our taxes by paying together with the respective State where we reside, for the safety of citizens.
By "safety of citizens" i mean not the usual killing Police Deoartment, but the Civilian community Service Corps/CCSC, so in every city, will be hired: Social workers, sociologists, psychiatrists, nurses, respiratory therapists and1% will be criminal investigators who will be summoned to defend our civilian staff from armed gangs which is a minimal percent. Because this CCSC is formed and responds to most needs of the community where we live, doesn't have the intent of imposing a pax romana by a lethal police force, bc when it answers a Citizens call, sends a team to deal with suspects. If its a drug addict, the psychiatrist examins the suspect and if he/ she finds him a danger to himself or to the community, he is 5150 and the court will summon the CCSC to prove he is a danger to himself or to others and if they prove it, the suspect will be court ordered to be interned into a drug rehabilitation clinic instead of criminalizing and finishing him off by lethal force or by long incarceration which doesn't rehabilitate him but pushes him into criminality by incarcerating him with other criminals, they make criminal networks or gangs.
This CCSC must be allocated funds to have the infractor trained for a job upon succesful completion of his drug rehabilitation.
With this economic CoVid economic Recession, cities can't afford to fund police departments but the federal government must provide safety and cities can allocate what used to be police budget(40%) to be used for job creation to employ drug addicts/dealers or other succesfully rehabilitated criminals, etc.
Stop individuals, search& arrests must be determine by the answering field team dispatched to the scene of a suspect.
In others words, the police has been Defunded and the safety matter has been fundamentally reestructured from a lethal police force to a Civilian Community Service Corps formed by university professionals with degrees and training meet and provide safety to our cities along withnthe State& Fed Gov.
The old lethal police has been redefined in its functions from a deadly social control instrument in the hands of gov, to a CCSC serving the community.
CCSC employeees should not have ranks like corporals, seargents, Lts captains,watch commanders, chief of police, bc they are just wastenof money & fat pension for no-service-at all, bc this type of military structure is a money guzzlers as is a truck guzzler, which is toxic, dangerous, wasteful& useless.
Nowadays most police calls are petty crimes, drug addicts, etc and doesn't need a tyranosaurus dynosaur lethal police force bc, police equals gangs, violence only begets violence and funding a lethal police no longer makes any justification, except to a controlling Gov & controlling carbon corporations who need a represive lethal police & stiff judges to destroy any dissent or destroy any questioning for their ill gotten wealth based on a lethal military and lethal police force, which are their tools of control!
Citizens do not need a lethal police force.
This CCSC is what is we needed.
Reassigning the 49% which used to be guzzled by a lethal police, the CCSC is funded & it creates the means to rehabilitate& fund sources of job, therefore decreases, gangs, violence, dead rates bc its dealing with the very causes of crime: illness, poverty, family crisis, rehabilitaring suspect/ criminal, etc,
Whereas the police reform Biden created, was to expand it ti become a deadlier lethal police, expanded countless prisons, extended imprisonment time by 3 strikes you are out& murdering black/people of color. With billions of countless dollars Biden gifted his bed partner/ police& they wrote for Biden the omnibus law& and Biden& Clinton materialized the omnibus law, Bush jr expanded it with the patriot Act&Biden perpetuated it with the Freedom ActLaw and this June 10th 2029, Biden talks not of the unjust shackels he enacted over the necks of blacks/color people with his authored laws and talks of reforming the police but Biden adamantly rejects Defunding his bed partners. Biden reform talks are euphemisms and failures that can't fix it, can't reform his lethal police nor can change the lethal police mentality of Biden who took away permanently our Habeas corpus relief& constitutional rights through the fredom act Law. Out of countless professionals why the media gives Biden a racial platform to ride to the presidency.
Biden lies, ommits he is the unrepentant mastermind of the lethal police force we confront as a society today and should be answering over countless inocentdeads he is caused with akk the laws he enacted giving police inmunity & impunity to his lethal police. And congress is as culprit as Biden for not having cracked on the U S Justice Department's complicity in refusing systematically to prosecute countless racist police murders of people of color.
Trevor Noah & Media people, please don't give presidential platforms to Biden who is a concealed racist and more dangerous than racist carbonTrump, bc he omits he is a power broker and one of the masteminds of reforming the police into this militarized lethal racist police, with armored trucks, rifles of assault, converting America into a combat zone, police racism produces 5 fold higher rates of blacks being imprisoned and/or murdered than whites!

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