G Floyd murdered for being black& for obeying gang-member police orders

Floyd murdered for being black & for complying with gang-member-police orders

George Floyd was car stopped& ordered by 4 police officers to turn off his car, step out, put his hands on his back& handcuffed. Up to being handcuffed he didn't know why they were doing this to him and though he start having doubts, complied with their orders.
The officers had chosen to turned off their bodt cameras, And asked him if he had robbed a business, he said no, he was just driving by when he was profiled racially ,but had complied with the authorities orders, trusted them and assumed he would have to get a lawyer to defend him, for he began suspecting they were biased. Suddenly, the tall white senior officer on charge assaulted him from behind and knock him on the asphalt, face down and violently, he then placed his 300 pounds on his neck and a fat officer asked his field commander, to put him sideways for the handcuffed arrestee not to panic and stop breathing.
His comanding officer said no and then the heavy officer placed both knees on the arrestees back, a third officer placed his knees on his lower limbs, while cold& methodically the fourth officer was shielding his fellow officers from being filmed and to stop onlookers from intervening.
Floyd, an obedient victim shocked, distressed , feeling pain and lacking oxygen, began to realize he was being a victim of police racial brutality and feeling the knee choque-hold began to yell "I can't breath" and plead for his life for aprox 9 minutes, during which the field commander officer kept shifting his weight while choque holding his victim.
This was the same experience long ago, was subjected too by another police force but luckily woke up& survived.
Being face down your main breathing muscle, the diaghram is colapsed, and autonomically your brain responds fast pumping adrenaline and you panic or fight.
The second fat officer's knees on his back, expelled oxygen and began to colapse his lungs, unable to inhale oxygen in and exhale it. Your brain and organs who depend on oxygen begin to colapse. But the main deadly action to your brain by blocking your aorta artery and jugular vein on your sides of your neck by the knees choque- holding of the gang commander, who is hearing along with his gang for 9 minutes, Floyd pleading for his life, but despite knowing he and his gang are engaged in asphixiation-murder and he and his gang know they are intending to kill him, realizing from the business owner who dialed the police, is intervening by asking them to let him breath, his fourth gang-police member shields his gang and aborts his effort to save Floyd and the rest of the onlookers freeze knowing the gang refuses to listen to spare his life.
They are violating their own legal police arresting standard procedure. Worst the officers are not defending their lives, bc willingly trusting Floyd complied with police orders, was cuffed, is at their mercy and is experiencing painful freightened agony trying to breath, but the neck choque holding officer, who knows he is killing him, is racially refusing to spare his life and book him, and he and his gang are concern if Floyd lives, he will lodge a complaint for police use of deadly choque-hold& excessive use of force. The head gang decides to follow their entrenched doctrinal belief. "I'd rather face 12(jurors) than be carried(dead) by six" and on reasonable doubt walk out free from the Floyd case.
During this 9 minutes, the watch commander has know along his dispatchers and commanders the escalation of the use of execessive force but refused to do anything and let the senior commander do what he knows he is doing with black arrestee Floyd, the watch commander is informed the police chief a code one involving police crew has a black arrestee pinned down face down by a crew of four.
The police chief knows it, but to him is just one more black arrestee & doesn't intervene. And the ordeal of a black arrestee goes on for 9 minutes while onlookers don't intervene.
A decade after having survived a choquehold, seeing commotion on the street, saw a crew knelt an a suspect, and pulled the one kneeling on the neck, then the second but suddenly I felt a hard knock on my head and felt dark& silence engulfing me. Woke up arrested with excruciating headaches and survived charges for obstruction of justice, assaulting officers...
By one juror vote I wasn"t found guilty. So i understand why onlookers are froze and not intervening, for its too expensive and you run the risk of being killed by the gang-officers, but I being a choque hold survivor, refused to be an onlooking pasdive accomplice for the murder of another human being.
This gang-member-police of 4 and the rest of the Minneapolis force, the chief, the DA, the Minnesota State governor, the US Atorney Gral knew the Monneapolis police had a pattern of countless brutality complaints & had been upheld 18 choque-hold complaints, which are forbidden by fed and state laws.
But they didn't care to enforce it and since president Obama apologized to the police who had arrested his black friend, instead of cracking on racist police, who kill black and people of color, obama and Hollywood, set the precedent to glorify police and place them above the law, Inmune& impune.
The current president has used these militarized police to continue implicitly killing the people, specially blacks and people of color and with the patriot act and its succesor, our Gov is defacto taken away our sacred constitutional rights, while congress and the judiciary have endorsed it. And chief J Roberts is shamed us by endorsing these authoritarian policies and laws& we are disposessed of Habeas Corpus relief and we people of color are suffering systematic opression, disproportionate rates of incarceration and deaths by choque-hold keep increasing. And justice is being denied to us, bc J Roberts has created a secret FISA court and manipulated the impeachment& acquitted Donald Trump, the aryan supremacist chief of State, Carbon pandemic, CoVid Pandemic, war maker, who keeps refusing to order the crack down on the police force nationwide by the US Justice department, bc he needs them for his political ends and to keep the people cowering.
Matter of fact this systematic racism is lead by the Naked emperor, "I alone have the power to protect you" Megalomaniatic rants at the rostra, same as Adolf and held his aryan bible version just like Adolf H, after having ordered the DC police to teared gass the people, so he could pose for a photo op at a church" and since then they hide the fact, his administration had ordered it to DC police!
Trump has repeatedly threatens us, seeking to submit blindly to him and vote for him and stop complaining against police killing black people. Now he is using the police, the national guard and the military (elite crack troops of the 82 airborn Division, reconfirmed by Democracy Now) forces.
With such powerful enablers, the police sees green light to keep killing people of color& even when people comply with police orders.
As police victims multiplied, police budgets have been skyrocketing nationwide, instead of Defunding them!
Elite BlackRock& Carbon corporations control the global carbon economy& are building authoritarianism which is based on racism. The very aryan fascism that exterminated by gassing 6 million jews by zyklong B, besides CO2, they are gassing us with war-forbidden tear gas; pepper spray and unjustified killings, specially of black citizens, as George Floyd, who for 9 minutes fought for his life, but inhumanly the gang-member-police of four, refused to spare him!
Yes an innocent victim of a racist gang-member-police of four!
Gang-member-police, bc their actions, despite their law enforcement and badge, were acting and engaging in a deadly gang activity of coldly murdering an innocent man, for being black& for complying with their orders!
A gang-member-field commanding officer, who slowly was killing him, to rule by terror, so the rest of America, like the onlookers are suppose to learn and continue being passive and submissive, despite the unjustice and State terror we are subjected to, not only by this gang-member-police of four, but all the way the command chain to the white house, congress and the judiciary, who for as long as our republic's history has preserved the institution of racist white supremacy.
To add insult to injury, the gang-member-police had mistaken bc George Floyd had not robbed the neighborhood store they had been summoned for, andvracially prophiling had assumed the black man(G Floyd) at the scene was the robber.
Instead of letting protests cool down, more people are being unjustly killed by police since then and Trump has lead the racist escalation and violence by not taking any steps to solve racism in America but erroneously throwing inflamatory speech after inflamatory speech against the people who are grieving the pain of racial murders & he is causing the rising anger of the sleeping giant which has been awakened by George Floyd cold& shocking racial murder!
I call on the few honest police officers and the military, to disobey unjust orders against our people, bc blindly obeying unjust orders to kill your neighbors for voicing constitutional grievances, is not a crime! Do not believe the lies of white supremacists and unfit Donald Trump.
Be a peaceful conciencious objector!
What glory is for you to kill your own and be left with innocents blood stains in your hands?
I appeal to protestors, despite violence against us, do not respond with violence, bc we are being infiltrated by white supremacist, who incite and lead unsuspecting protestors to loot and burn and then disaappeared. Likely they enjoy of police protection, are inmune and impunes and being missused as Edgar Hoover used to do against american socialists, who were never a threat but were being depicted as the red menace. Later existed only thanks to the feds, whose media magnified them and gave them free mileage!
By our peaceful fruits and actions we shall be known as we continue to speak for the silent lips of our brother George Floyd and countless victims of police-gangs&/or white supremacists.
Peace be with you and may Mother Earth bless us all!

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