#GenociderJeanineAnez is unleashing her Auto Coup D'etat in Bolivia& seeking to close congress...

#GenociderJeanineAnez is unleashing the genesis of her Auto Coup D'etat in Bolivia, seeking to close Congress...

CIvil contractee J anez began operation, "Wiping out Commies in Bolivia" by having her lover #MurilloButcherOfSacaba. Arrest 3 innocents for carrying countless CoV0id masks& tons of fresh organic produce to Covid Striken & locked down Cochabamba tropics, & for exercising their freedom of speech in asking Anez who still has no CoVid Plan, to resign for incompetence& killling indigenous people with CoVid!
These 3 innocent, unarmed and peaceful indigenous environmentalists were taking by Murillo's Death squatMilitiamen and their whereabouts and lives are feared.
They were false& maliciously accused of Anez own sedition& terrorismo act. The three unarmed & peaceful environmentalists for whose freedom we are peacefully voicing for #LucyEscobarRemyFernandezOsvaldoGareca
AnezDictatorialGov at the genesis of her AuroCoup D'etat is also seeking to decapitate two upcoming interim presidents, Eva Copa&Sergio Choque by violating and refusing to impeach them but frame them with malicious& false accusations of sedition& terrorism against her government.
Dr Felipe Campos forewarnings are becoming materialized!
Anez has also hit the TSJ juciary by suddenly sacking the chief Justice and imposing her henchman as chief of TSJ.
With her new chief of TSJ, anez is executingbthe genesis of her Auto Coup D'etat to decapitate MAS party candidates ArceCatacora- Choquehuanca, the MAS Youth leaders Andronico Rodriguez, Patricia Arce Guzman....
As in her prior Nov 12 2019 Coup D'etat, she sold her false story that there was no coup. Anez hopes not to shoot bc she wants to project her propaganda of deception, that she isn't executing an auto Coup D'etat, therefore lying blames MAS of sedition & terrorism.
But by violating the constitution, her own acts are seditious and by persecuting  people carrying antiCovid masks& organic produce and singling out &;unconstitutionally persecuting these innocent, unarmed citizens, she is a terrorist who attempts to close congress and allege she saved Bolivians from sedition& terrorist commies!
An infamous perfidius machiavellian plan without any remorse for the pain she is inflicting and yet she lies and says, she is fighting to preserve life, to unite& save them from death.
Anez road to hell is full of good intentions& the road to genocide is full of greed!
Anez is killing people with CoVid Famine. Anez us killing peopke by pocketing millions of dollars marked for anticoVid respirators and not even bringing even false respirators and uneducated environmentalist in digenous citizens are dying of CoVid in their humble mud cabins bc anez denies them CoVid tests and forensic defunction certificates,following Mr Trump not to test for Covid to say everything is under control but its not!
The key for Bolivians is to engage in massive civil disobedience for months and with it , the Anez Gov will resign and flee as civil contractor Goni Sanchez Lozada fled!

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