Have George Floyd and his people met True Freedom?

Have George Floyd and his people met true freedom?

Our historians wrote fantastic history that leaves fabberglasted on Dec 6th 1865,when blacks are believed were freed from slavery by the 23th Amedment and that each slave was compensated with 40 acres& a horse.
What a wonderful generosity of god's chosen people who set blacks free in America and Joe Biden and Trump are generous to include blacks among the people, government takes care of them as well as for
Latinos, Indians& predominant white americans and people flock to America to get their american dream, because JoeBiden said he feels the duty to take care of them, should he be the next president, he won't duck presidential responsibility.
But reality checks show us, the above is a lying Hollywoodesque & presidential campaign propaganda-false script of reality for G Floyd & African Americans, native americans & spanish americans in the US.
George Floyd & African Americans have experienced they are still under cuffs& shackels imposed by Aryan supremacists against them& their children, despite 400 years of slavery that went by. These white supremacists believe they are the chosen people before the foundation of the world& their elite owns most of the wealth & resources of Mother Earth. It is these actos of State power, colluding, retaliating, silencing people's lips by opressive means, which they have imposed& bleached them as social contract, patriotism, etc
The shackels of torture and death in George Floyd's neck were white supremacist policemen, who coldly tortured him for 9 minutes while we watched frozen& stupified, as he kept pleading for his life, god fearing policemen had no mercy and when he exclaimed "I can't breath" his jury, judge, prosecutor and head executioner callously while digging his rocking neck over the carotid of his victim, replied, "stop moving/ stop being alive" while he kept playing his alibi of hands on his pockets while rocking his knee over his neck, seeking his death , till he murdered his sinful prey, yet innocent& compliant with his murdereous orders, aided and abetted by three other gang-member-police, for them
Sinful prey, because Derek Chauvin misjudged his innocent victim by the color of his skin and found him guilty of being black, For him black is sinful according to his aryan supremacist bible, that declares white Aryans like him, god's chosen people, because he believes white skin is sinless, for after all the word of God says so. Does it? And who is god, his son, his prophets & so forth?
White god, white Jesus, white prophets, white angels, defined by his holy book, he believes must be fulfill and by murdering a sinful black, he believe he us doing the will of god, the will of Jesus, to speed up his return to impose a millenium of white peace.
Sad&tragic& racist is his bible, the dogmatic/ tyranical book of hatred, racism, destruction& death, which he uses to justify his criminal actions and above all he is inmune& impune because his white god says so& because actors of state power like JoeBiden& D Trump made laws to protect & overfund them. Above all he is inmune & impunes bc all his crimes are forgiven by the blood of Jesus and bc the so called word of god alleges so& white Jesus paid for him and for all white supremacists, removing accountability for his heinous crimes against helpess people in bondage
But who is God& Jesus and what is the white scripture's agenda for?
Floyd's executor, can't show his white god, can't show his white Jesus, can't show his scriptures are not white GraecoRoman sadomasochists& his Jesus is masochist who carries his cross for the executioners salvation and everbody is supposed to learn to suffer as Jesus to enter in the Executioner's kingdom. The policemen executioners hurried G Floyd's execution, bc only the dead enter in his white kingdom and if your name is not in his white list of the book of life, he will throw you out to burn for an eternity.Such merciless white god is, his so called god of love who couldn't spare his own son beloved Jesus(John 3:14). So Floyd wasn't spared for being black& for 400 years blacks have been cuffed& shackled and youwhite believers of the Aryan supremacist bible AKA king James Bible, also believe Dec 6th 1865's is the day, the 13th Amendment of the white constitution set him free from bondage& that actors of state power such as the Judiciary, the legislative, the Executive branch& the police guarantee their freedom.
But since Dec 6th 1865 present june 19th 2020, they haven't enforced the 13th, so the unjust bondage for which Lincoln was assasinated for, is useless for lack of enforcement& the unjust bondage continues. Bc these actors of state power are carbon racist who talk& talk& talk like Biden but their acts/fruits are continuing the violative and evil bondage of Blacks, by their unjust lack of enforcement of 13 amendment & bc when they landed in America, deliver to the owners of American lands, a bible and ordered them to pray to god, and at the end of the prayer, the true owner had the book of hatred, racism& dead in his hands, and the white aryan religious immigrant owned the lands (open veins of LatinAmerica by Eduardo Galeano) want to presserve their ill gotten land, wealth, power, etc , by sinply changing all the time the color& different kinds of the handcuffs& shackels they keep on Blacks, indians, latinos...
JoeBiden appeared by video at Floyd's burial and preached& used the victim's orphan to magnify immensely his presidential bid but he lied by ommission& concealment he is a hidden racist who let the killer police write his omnibus law, gave billions to racist policemen, fat pensions, armoured military carriers, rifles& overfunded the same policemen executioners who murdered Gianna Floyd's father and her mother's husband. And then unrepentant old racist Biden refused to defund the gang-member-police then candidate #CarbonJoeBiden, bombarded tens of Black TV audiences & latinos viewers with his deceitful propaganda duty to care for all americans. And we saw his duty to care for all americans meant to care for his white supremacist police, hos white supremacist death squatsmilitiamen who, he armed by enacting his pro gun laws, inmunity & impunity laws, for them to keep killing more than 150 blacks after Biden appeared at G Floyd's burial and deceived Gianna and voters!
His duty to care americans simply means continuing to overfund gang-member- police& perpetuate them unchanged of their racist culture and deadly minds, "rather face 12(jurors) than be carried(dead) by 6", because Biden& Trump depend on the Aryan white supremacist voting block and sells his peowtual lies like calling blacks who don't know yet if they are going to vote for him or other candidate. Biden attempted to extortion their vote and humilliate them, "if you don't know who to vote for, you are not black"
To those who are considering or plan to vote for concealed Aryan Biden & don't like Trump, we tell you, we have contempt for Trump& he is unfit for office& should not be reelected!
But before you vote for Biden, ask him, "If you trully think its your duty to care for all americans, during your lifetime, your congressional life& as VP who filled the prisons with blacks& spy on americans, by your enacted FreedomAct& deported 4 million people of color& instead of honoring your promise to end middle East oil wars, but conducted a ten fold surge of wars& cost countless millions of victims& refused to abrogate carbon pandemia, why don't you change and abrogate your omnibus law, restore Habeas Corpus, abrogate the Freedom Act and then ask us our vote?"
You'll see he only cares becoming president while making you false promises and as he was in the VP office, he refused to materialize his political promises and if he reaches the presidency he will forget his promises made for your vote.
Tipical of politicians like Carbon Biden&Trump!
It's Juneteenth and those republicans seeking reelection, Trump& Biden will blindly recite to you, black americans you got no cuffs nor shackels& are free.
& we promise you, a duty to care for all Americans.
Sure they've care for all their PACS, their carbon corporations& fought multiple wars for their oil interests, bailed out the elite, gave tax cut for rich corporates and endlessly subsidize merchants of death& the police who preserve their interests&private property! But we middle classers built with hard work& our taxes, you refused us billions, no tax cuts butb more shackels of different colors & different kinds.
Besides placing their racist shackels on us, they placed the poverty shackel, the Covid shackel, their Carbon shackels, their segregasionists shackels to all boys clubs, 700 club, etc, they keep us in bondage with all those shackels
And you think language subvertors, truth sub vertors Biden &Trump are going to save us?
Mr Biden, Mr Trump:
What gives your aryan supremacists deathsquatsmilitiamen linked to the police& military the right to act as jury, judge, prosecutor& executioners of unarmed and peaceful tax paying protestors exercising their constitutional grievances?
We demand stop framing peaceful protestors as Antifa terrorists, bc the evidence shoes your aryan supremacists are the terrorists and not antifa protestors.
We demand you crack on your deathsquatsmilitiamen you armed with your gun laws& your inflaming racist rethoric, unjustly disgracing the people, instead of protecting the people whose taxes pay your salaries& unneeded luxeries!
160 years ago the civil war was fought over racism.
Confederate V.P. Alexander Stephen's speech exposing the South's true motives for the Civil War. The Cornerstone speech:
“our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas [as those of slavery foes]; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.”
He went further: the battle over slavery “was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution." He spoke this in Savanah Georgia 1861.
Mr Biden, Mr Trump, Black People& people of color want to be free from shackels, so why don'tbyou step aside and let The people elect new leaders, bc plantation slave holders are in hind lines and true vanguard leaders like Frederick Douglas, A Lincoln, MLK...Breonna Taylor, George Floyd...including Mathew Scalia, SV...because only the people save the people!

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