K Harris, Biden's VP

K Harris, Biden's VP?

Carbon media interests are shrewd& machiavellian when it comes to preserving their carbon profits and they are better off at keeping those profits high by giving free mileage to concealed& silent racist and #RacistOilWarMongerJoeBiden than with loud mouth $RacistNeverEndinCarbonWarsTrump.
Given the fact that above 50% registered democrats are people of color & 1/3 are black voters, the media is pushing for carbon banker politician Kamala Harris as Biden's VP pick and are attempting to discard experienced Elizabeth Warren under the excuse she is too old & white.
We environmentalists lifetime democrats, observe and wait for the carbon Media to catapult Kamala Harris, the champion of their banking and carbon interests!
The media is concealing Harris is a walking liability as VP candidate, bc while working at the DA office in San Francisco California, Harris abused and incarcerated an innocent disabled American. Overfunded racist police& as Ca attorney gral, incarcerated blacks citizens disproportionatelly and aided and abetted the excesses of the US attorney Gral against blacks and people of color and routinely turned scores of latinos who were in police hands, for deportation, even after they paid in full their debt to society. K Harris is one of the State Attorneys who made Habeas Corpus a Non-existing relief from abusive arrests & ilegal imprisonment & exceedingly used her power of discretion, injuring scores of blacks& latinos, whose daughters and wives suffered bc of her anti-black and anti- latino and anti-American indian racism. Mrs Harris Record is apallingly anti- people of color and she is mostly campaigned and conveyed her image as a white candidate but now wants to ride to the white house as VP, coasting on the free waves of people of color and/or black social movements who have long fighting for equality while Mrs Harris sold out to the racist status quo. But now con- veniently she pulls the race card to become VP.
The carbon media has the muscle and the power to catapult Mrs Harris, along with Joe Biden and that means to force aside the best consumer advocate America is had and the best environmentalist and banking regulator America is had to present day: Elizabeth Warren!
Well Mr Biden and media, you can protect your carbon profits and interests by picking Mrs Harris and present your August ticket Biden- Harris and as we are confronting a spike in CoVid Cases, do not expect us to risk our lives& vote for a carbon ticket Biden-Harris, bc we know past the first tuesday in Nov, bc we still have to confront the carbon pademic threat to our lives, bc nothing is changing in the white house under Trump or Biden, which will get worst with a new president who conceals and is a silent racist who overfunds the police and refuses to defund them and refuses to abrogate Carbon now! But is signed on to the biggest deceptive Carbon Stock trade marketParis Agreement, with carbon tax, which is simply another gimmick for a carbon subsidy, of countless carbon subsidies, Mr Biden& Mr Trump have committed and are filling our longs with carcinogenic CO2, that kills us prematurely with multiple cancers, specially lung cancer and with this preexisting condition plus CoVid, we stand no chance to survive bc both carbon candidates do not care for our health nor for our lives, bc if Biden-Trump care they would abrogate carbon now and replace it with SolarE&vegan economy!

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