Let's abrogate the UN Security Council& reenact the UN League of Nations!

Let's Abrogate the Carbon UN Security Council& reenact the UN League of Nations!

Carbon corpocratic interests created the UN security council/UNSC to control& perpetuate carbon, justice& racial policies that favor only 1% of humanity: Moneyed Elitists!

The UNSC has the veto power the whole body of UN doesn't have.
Veto power inside the UNSC & veto power inside the UN deliverations& policies

That's why the UN body is no more than a social club of some free speech but without much power conpared to the exclusive& olygopolistic UNSC.
Antonio Guterres is a good climate defender but look how this UNSC has him unable to organize all UN member nations to discuss the solution to carbon Pandemic that threatens to extinct 8 billion humans, let alone give him the tools to abrogate carbon.
USA&France, UK, Rusia& china plus Germany( rotating member), control the UNSC that renders the UN useless, subordinate& defacto extinct but in name existing.
On the issues of Carbon, health, injustice&racism the UN as a body of all nations, has no power visavis UNSC.
Case in point: USA defunded World Health Organization/WHO and UN can't stop wars caused mainly for Oil by the USA& UE, etc, even when it's imperious to cease these oilwars to help stop CoVid spread and annual millions of innocent war civilian victims die unnoticed bc through media control, have silenced the ongoing genocides.
It makes no sense to allow the UNSC to perpetuate carbon pandemia, health risks of extinction through biowarfare CoVId, injustice, racism etc
You hear these 1% of humanity who control our planet through the UNSC and through quadriplegic UN the Paris agreement is solving carbon pandemia by carbon tax.
Carbon tax is simply another subsidy these 1% carbon elitebis imposing, among countless carbon subsidies of toxic & genocider Carbon emissions.
Carbon tax is simply sugar coating deadly massive cyanide that is carbon.
Carbon tax Allows these 1% carbon elite to legalize and carbon stock trade through the Paris Agreement carbon stock trade market!
Hence the UNSC& current UN are simply vehicles of control to perpetuate climate catastrophe, carbon pandemia, CoVid, injustice, racism etc
So let's abrogate the UNSC and the veto power and move the UN away from these imperial carbon countries and recreate the UN League of Nations, with no Veto power, where all members big and small, have equal rights and equal obligations to deal effectively with carbon pandemia, carbon famine, etc
And also paralell to it, we've got to stop wishfully dreaming the current sociopolitical& economic structures can solve all these evils described above, bc Paris agreement& current UN's climate conferences can't abrogate carbon pandemia.
Carbon Pandemia is the root of all these evil flagels we, 8 billion humans are suffering!
This 1% elite is not sleeping bc it has permanently created CoVid to control us and not allow us to climate protests and through their mass media like FB, Twitter etc ingrained in people fear not to protest for our climate, but wit proper CoVid biosecurity gear on each of us, we have to #JointScientistsToAbrogateCarbonNow or #ResignToBeMadeExtinct by this 1% carbon elite who controls the UNSC, the UN, Paris Agreement, injustice, racism...etc!

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