When you are employers, you've got employees who are suppose to perform conscientiously to justify their salaries& retirement pension they get from you the employer& whenever they breach their employment contract, you give them a hearing & got the right to terminate them for breach of contract/not doing their job.
But trusting them, you let them do their job and from time to time they inform you and you keep believing them even when the people they are suppose to serve complained, but you believe your employees rather than the complainants. One of them got brutalized, another raped, another suffered a 9 minute torture-murder by unlawful choke hold by the knees of the rocking white field comanding officer and murdered as a result of 4 linching gang-police- members.
And after it, the gang-member-police murdered him, others were unjustly murdered!
Now you begin to question yourself as employer and susoect your employees deceived you with public relations reports and concealed from you, their misdeeds and they got their union pressing on you to defend many of your murderous- gang-member-police employees, who summoned the state police and the National guard. And all of them took off their name tags or any identifiable piece off their uniforms, so the customers who are spray hosed on their humanity at point blank with excessive deadly amounts of war forbidden fluid-tear-gas, and as consequence of it, the victims lungs, organs and inmune system colapsed and CoVid finished the job shortly after.
You start a long overdue oversight for some of your employees to answer for their injustified killings while they were working for you.
They demand for you to offer some money to buy out the silence of the orphans and widows who suffered their bread earner's murder by intentionsl suffocation, etc.
The insurance company tells you its no longer possible to covertbit with a modest increase of insurance and they won't cover it bc there are too many suits for wrongful death and their union tells your swatt team employees they won't cover their legal bills.
The swat team attempts to extortion you, impliying protestors will destroy all your business& private property "We resent being charged& since you won't cover it, we're mass resigning..."
It's economic recession time andvyou've got no assets to infinitellybkeep coveringbyour sky rocketing operation costs, bc of wrongful deaths committed by your employees, the high percent you pay for their retirement pension is become prohibited.
Your confronted with filing chapter 11 bankrruptcy or downsize most of your employees but your police employees atempt to blackmail you and expose you being gay, now you realize a bit late trustingbthem without oversight, us turned them into a rackering gang-member-police who know no bounds nor respect thebrule of law and you are about to become one more of their countless victims.
Either you take a stand and not only defend yourself but the people or you both will be under the gsng- member-police power & suffer the unjust consequences, at the hands of the very people you trusted, the very people who are suppose to defend you andbthe people.
T hi is is the reality throughout the globe, where your employees's acts are above the law and this is s the reality of CV ity councils, state government& federal gov, who are the employers along with tax payers.
We tax payers as employers must take a stand, for we can't have taxation without representation. By that i mean, since no one is listening and we are getting hurt economically and physically by these employees with badges and black tax payers are four centuries still under unjust racist-bondage& are getting unjustly torture murder/lynched to death and the criminaal laws are not enforced against these gang-member police and now we've seen anyone peacefully addressing grievances through peaceful protests are being attacked by our employees, by them gassing us with war forbidden tear gas, pepper rubber bullets, etc which destroys our inmune system and lungs, we are being hurt and/ or killed unjustly by the very employess who are suppose to protect our health & lives & property but the got deadly their racist pandemic agenda.
Suffering economic recession, We tax payers must compel our city councils, etc, to #DefundPolice, DefundTheMilitary and if they refuse to act inmediatelly, to save our lives and the lives of our families, massively we must withhold our tax payments, so the city, state, FedGov, etc go broke and lets these gang-member-police be terminated, bc we are saying as our ancestors said to abusive deadly Colonialist Gov & their red coat deadly military police, #NoTaxationWithoutRepresentation
That is, they got to do what we ask them to do or go broke, bc its not corporation who pay taxes but get countless subsidies, bail outs, tax cuts that practically they collect money from us tax payers. Without us the tax payers, their whole racist& carbon economic system and their repressive gang-member-police pyramid scheme falls off!

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