Nov 3rd election Candidates have Identical Racist/Carbon Faces

  The identical racist& carbon faces of Nov3 election candidates!

Look at the facts& not the emotionally deceptive flowery rethoric of #CarbonJoeBiden& #CarbonDonaldTrump, means "By their fruits you shall know them"
Aryan white supremacist Elitist BlackRock& its carbon cohorts have manipulated us voters to accept their carbon choice for President of New Jerusalem, "CarbonJoeBiden or CarbonDonaldTrump is your Nov3 Election choice"
It's not a fair, free nor consensual choice but a money imposition, which these Mamon sons have imposed on us. Except the label Democrat& Republican, these 2 money carbon candidates are the identical sides bearing the same money carbon face of identical interests on both sides of the Nov3 tossed up election!
Since Joe Biden set foot in congress, he is among the ones i've been following to know their policies.
Biden seemed promising but now we both are old, his conduct& fruits are bad, harmful, veiled aryan white supremacist, a bully a war maker, a sexual harrasser, a tokenist, colluder, retaliator, an unrepentant 5x carbon emissions pusher, a busted plagiarist, who colluding with the deceitful
Clintons materialized the Omnibus law, starved our WWII senior citizens permanently taking away annual cost of life increases, began the foundation for the patriot Act assault on our constitutional rights and during his 8 years of George Bush Jr coauthored the Patriot act which Defacto abrogated our constituional rights: pushed war making which cost millions of civilian lives and thousands of our citizens lives for toxic oil as he had done previously with Bush Father, and during the Obama-Biden 8 years, at the helm of the executive branch of Gov, perpetuated war in the middle east for toxic oil, countless trillions of dollars in subsidies for carbon, bail out, the deceptive Paris Agreement of broken carbon emissions decrease bc there is no enfircement, is all useless voluntarism and its about to be legalized at cop26, carbon tax as means perpetually legalize carbon increase emission under the false pretense of zero carbon by 2050
And presently millions of environmentalists whose votes will make or break carbonBiden, to deter Carbon Trump, we offered to forgive him for the harm he is already caused us with his bad fruits & enacted policies of his proCarbon agenda, which is disastrous to his own record. We asked him in exchange of our vote to make him the president, for him to sign a notarized contract with us the people, to abrogate the carbon Pandemic and to lead on the streets as MLK did to abrogate the institution of racism in New Jerusalem/USA but he is kept rejecting to abrogate carbon should he be the president and came up with his useless tokenism of stopping the XL oil Pipeline but continue with carbon policies and endless subsidies for Oil& transgenic industrial farming which is going to cost us famine here & globally and he offered his useless tokenism of running with a female black VP, implicitly his fellow carbon colluder K Harris, which is a trillion times deadlier than Covid Pandemic harm.
And as you can see from the useless response CarbonJoeBiden words condemning carbon Trump's worsening the crisis of racism against black citizens like G Floyd, is useless and gone with the wind, for he is refused to peacefully lead us protestors on the street to abrogate the deadly institution of Racism& carbon Pandemic.
CarbonTrump is like CarbonJoeBiden but he is openly aguing against us common americans whileBiden is veiled white supremacist, who rarely uttered and shamefully humiliated like an old southern plantation master, to black men, accusing them maliously & seking to coerced them to vote for him " if you can't decide for me or for Trump, you are not black", and he keeps calling blacks, "Boys"
What a hurtful sadism he showed& is proving us, he is an unrepentant white supremacist plantation master, so to those misguided voters who want us to support& vote for him, ask, "just for his label of democrat, his token black VP, his token XL pipeline you want us en ironmentalists, blacks, for a racist master who calls blacks " Boys" and as VP refused to abrogate his coauthored opressive omnibus law which defacto abrogated Habeas corpus especially for people of color & incarcerate us disproportionally and as we people of color are inhumanly & unjustly killed by racist police & Biden refuses to abrogate carbon. Biden expects us to vote for him?
Over our dead bodies!
We are lifetime democrats, know that changing #CarbonJoeBiden for unfit #CarbonTrump is not worth our precious make or break vote, especially when Biden refuses to lead us in the streets, bc protests are against his veiled white supremacist institution of racism, economic & carbon interests which these dominant carbon elite want to keep carbon milking perpetually at our cost, health & premature cancer deaths caused by their toxic 5x carbon emissions"
As legacy of the Nuremberg trials, officers have a duty to disobey unlawfull orders that harm our country, our citizens. Military commanders, please speak up against DonaldTrump harmful policies& threatening, using war forbidden tear gas canisters against our own citizens, specially people of color& singled out journalists exposing this crimes against humanity being committed by aryan white supremacist trump& his racist followers.
We condemn #carbonTrump #openracism & open agressions against us & we the demand congress speak & lead us peacefully on the streets for justice for Black people, an end of racism and to abrogate carbon Pandemic.
If you governors, mayors, DAs, judges& congressmen keep hiding in your congressional bunker or your private bunker and fail to act, fail to investigate and impeach the culprit(s) in chief, order Barr to penally process the 4 inhuman Badge killers of George Floyd, know you are implicitly part of the institution of racism that harms New Jerusalem/ USA. Come Nov3 and we the people will cast our judgment on you too!

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