Nov. 3rd U.S. Elections needs an alternative Presidential candidate

Nov3 elections needs an alternative presidential candidate!

It's Juneteenth & despite time our country the USA, that Genocided native Americans to steal & posess their land, has an unresolve systemic racist Pandemia that despite time and the enormous wealth its elite has hoarded, is unchanged with cuffs& shackels on people of color. Confederate J Davis' VP Alexander Stephens' white supremacists cornerstone religious& ideological speech admits compellingly its systemic racism against blacks, “our new government... foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government ( whose)
battle over slavery was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution(/Civil war)"
Cornerstone speech, Savanah Georgia 1961
White supremacists treasoned Abrahan Lincoln with a genocidal war from 1861 till April 9th 1865, recorded at the Appomatic court house signed the ceased fire agreement& 4 days later assasinated Lincoln bc he insisted in trialing& hanging treasonous aryan racists who caused the civil war, but deceitfully, succesor presudent Andrew Johnson called it Lee's rendition.
The rendituon didn't take place, if it would, the main treasonous confederate government& its grey troop commanders would have been court martialed and receive the death penalty, much like the Nuremberg Trial and in the japanesse trials, the defeated racists heads of the military, were sentenced to dead and in ancient war time, they were all killed.
White supremacists on both sides signed a racist gentleman' agreement to walk scott free after having caused close to a million deaths
Matter of fact white supremacists continued to have slaves in the south and the 13th amendment/ abolition was't enforced and many of those defeated white aryans occupied goverrnors offices, case in point Alexander Stephens became Georgia's governor after the pseudo confederate rendition!
The white supremacists imposed black codes, then Antebellum laws, jim crow laws, sytematic segregation.
Today we're confronting two evil twin presidentisl candidates who perpetuate evil systemic racism, carbon pandemic: D Trump& JoeBiden.
The former has 3 years record of evil policies which overfund the killer police, a pattern of sexual assault incidents, is committed 5x carbon pamdemic, etc.
The latter, Joe Biden, whose political career is increased police racism, police killings of innocent black people, his Biden- Clinton Omnibus law which increased building prisons& filled them with blacks& Latinos. Enhanced police power beyong accountabilty for killing innocents, by creating qualified inmunity& impunity laws and endorsed by 2 main police federacions let the pilice writebhis bills and used them for his political career, overfunded them funded 150K police to be hired by by his own money but tax payers money by starving senior citizens and as VP , he militarized the police with arnour carriers, assault rifles, etc and since the decade of the seventy's every major law& minor law carries Bidens name and the killing & sentences for blacks is 5 times greater than fir white people, thanks to JoeBiden's racism.
With qualified inmunity and the enormous power he is given to militarized police& converted our streets in war zones and combat streets where bodies lie, and the systemic racism, reflected by the media which reports a petty thief of a pack of cigarrettes killed by police is not questuoned but endorsed by institutiobalized racism, where the gang- member-police instead of aprehending the unarmed petty black thief and trialing and sentencing him to a month jail, murders him by shooting at him multiole times and police aren't penally processed and when sued, qualified inmunity makes impossible to compensate a penny to the black victim's orphans, thanks to Biden's qualified inmunity laws he enacted for police.
Asbyou can see JoeBidem is a concealed lifetime racist who is caused countless victims lives and even our habeas corpus right, he is abrogated it and refused to reinstate our habeas corpus and refused to abrogate the patriot law/ freedom Act which unjustly took away our constitutional rights and he plays his useless " Refirm police" which he knows has failed since the seventy's decade and after G Floyd merciless killing, unrepentant JoeBiden refused to defund his overfunded police.
The evil of Trump us three years, the evil of concealed racist JoeBiden is since 1974-2020, which proves he is 190 fold more evil and harmful not only to blacks, latinos, native americans but 329 million americans, for he overfunds arms race, military budgets while cutting social programs for people, to subsidize oil& overfund racist police.
This twins of evilBiden& evilTrump are no good to choose from, because the lesser evilTrump is unfit for office. Biden& Trump are a disgrace to America. A disgrace to decent americans!
Since we can't choose any of this racist twin evil carbon candidates, an altervative democratic candidate is needed for Nov3 elections such as A Cuomo...

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