Only the people can save the People

Only the people can save the people
Bolivia's dictator Anez throws her pandemic responsabilities onto Governors& mayors's shoulders.
Too late are the mea culpas of American Bolivians for having mistakenly been passive to the self proclaimed president, bc her lips service is contrary to her deadly policies against 12 million citizens!
Hoping to revert her election loss, her civil contractor& personal advisor Erick Foronda, had Anez enact decree 4229& Decree 4245.
The former refers to Anez investing millions of dollars in propaganda& political consulting fees, enacted it mislabelling it, "Dynamic Quarentine" which has nothing of dynamic but economic carbon corporate goals. The latter, beyond falsr promises that characterizes her, throws her presidential and State responsabilities onto the shoulders of 9 governors& countless mayors' shoulders without the 1,425 billion dollars donated to 12 million citizens by international institutions& foreign governments.
These enormous amount of money was supposed to aid Bolivians to fend off against CoVid Pandemic but she is extorsioning those authorities to, " Either you& the people vote for me in the future elections, or you carry the consequencial deads by Covid"
Transitional dictator Jeanine Anez is carrying an authoritarian government gambling with deadly mass CoVid killer as a political tool to cling to perpetual power. Matter of fact she is ultimatumed congress through her warfacialpainted military commanders lead by SergioOrellana to blindly submit and blindly approve rank promotions or Congress will be shut down. Violating the Constitution& congress she is missapropiated 1,425 billion dollars and after leaving pennies for token purchases of respirators, she is stolen that enormous amount of money in addition to multimillion dollars loans and secret agreements with the IMF to devalue the national money exchange in an undisclosed secret date.
Consulting with sociologists and political scientists, analyzed the way out of this deadly& irresponsible Government, who has already made deals for countless trillion dollars worth of lithium to the foreign power that put her in power, in exchange for pennies as raw material, instead of making and selling Bolivian lithium batteries with aggregate value in global markets, which are in higher demand and profit.
"Anez is killing our people with CoVidfamine& with Covid Pandemic& worsened it by prematurely ending the Quarentine on May25, & cutting gasoline from YPFB before the Covid Pandemia's exponential curve reaches its peek in Bolivia. Instead of impeaching Anez for constitutional violations, the ALP is sitting iddle& being a sitting duck to Anez Military M-16 cocked rifles and if we stay with crossed arms we will suffer ten fold deaths than being on the streets with masdive civil disobedience around YPFB gasoline& gas refineries to put an end to this tumbling dictator which will save us with cost of a fraction of Covid deaths, so the new government can implement an economic policy adequate enough to stop the CoVid Pandemic before it reaches the summit in Bolivia. Please remember this winter is our only change to free ourselves by civil Disobedience, the sooner the bettter bc only the people can save the people!"
So I ask, when you see us on the streets with Civil Disobedience, will you join us activelly?

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