ParisAgreement is a genociders' carbon Stock Global market with carbon tax!

Paris Agreement is a genociders' Carbon stock global market with a carbon tax!
People foolisly accepting APPS being installen in their phones to track CoVid r endangering themselves& others Bc BlackRock, Carbon Corps& CarbonGovernments r BigBrother spying on& tracking us by phone numbers via #Bluetooth! ParisAgreement is useless bc it hasNo enforcement laws AgainstCheaters& they r LegalizingGenociderCarbonStockGlobalMarketParisAgreement w/ carbon tax. #MasiveCivilDisobedienceAbrogateCarbonNow or BlackRockCarbonGovsWill enrich themselvesWhile GenocidingUSwithCarbon PandemicAndCoVidPandemic

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