Racist & Secret Trial against three Indigenous Environmentalists is Null & Void by CPE & UN Charter

Racist & Secret unconstitutional trial against 3 environmentalists is null& void by CPE & UN's charter!

DictatorGenociderJeanineAnez is consumated the first secret trial against 3 environmentalists #LucyEscobarRemmyFernandezOsvaldoGareca.
The charges were brought by one of anez henchmen H Espinoza, who cited various arts of the CPP, as seditious& terrorists acts, for which, he presented against them social media postings& having attended a rally of protestors where they asked J Anez to resign for being incompetent against CoVid Pandemia& denyong them Covid gear& respirators, which is claiming countless innocent indigenous environmentalists victims.
In this government judicial sham trial the accussed innocent environmentalists were not allow to present thousands of AntiVoVid masks& Tons of 0rganic produce they were transporting to save the lives of indigenous environmentalists in the Bilivian Amazon tropics, as evidence of their innocence.
It was a kangaroo trial and the gov appointed judiciary had them sentencec guilty as charged!
How could AntiCoVid gear which the innocent accused got them by their own labor and money, constitute sedition& terrorists acts?
How could tons of free give away organic produce, be sedition& terrorism against the people and the State and the Anez Gov, when there are no casualties and no one, not the state and not the Anez Gov has been hurt or killed or lost anything?
How can peacefully exercising their free speech& constitutional rights constitute sedicion and terrorists acts?
How can calling an incompetent gov to either do her job& protect people or resign for irrespobsabulity& incompetence, be sedition and terrorism?
AnezGov talks endlessly to defend life, yet her acts and policies are antilife, for she is stolen millions of AntiCovid allocated money and not delivered over 500 respirators and has kept refusing to order& provide testing for Covid Pandemia and the dead are dropping in public space, not be reason for citizens to question publicly why she is not resigning for being irresponsible& incompetent?
Spoken& printed free speech is not sedition, terrorism nor an infraction of penal law.
Penal laws that crash against the Constitution are preempted and do not stand bc the constitution/ CPE is the highest law we all must defend and protect and no gov has a right to violated it!
The UN chater in its human rights articles preempt boliviannpenal laws, are universal higher laws, uphold by the law of nations& international case law such as the Nuremberg trial!
The racist & secret shut gun trial that convicted and is sentenced these 3 peaceful& innocent indigenous environmentalists has surprised everyone& is clear the Anez Govt is framing judicially innocents like these sentenced environmentalists& is nothing new, bc frequently environmentalists are murdered by their own gov's forces and their leaders singled out.
GenociderAnez is genocided environmentalist indigenous unarmed people in Sacaba, Senkata, el Pedregak, etc and this secret trial is part of her machiavellian unleashing of AutoCoup D'etat genesis, and she is not only chilled free speech and constotutional rights and human rights, for she is ordered to keep them in Covid infected overcroded cells, where the infection rates are the highest in the country and is a dead sentence to keep these 3 innocent environmentalists locked there.
We demand they be released on low bail until all their appeals are exhausted& international institutions as the UN Human rights, Amnesty international audit these secret trials.
Their convictions& sentence is null& void ab initio, according to Dr Felupe Campos& they are null& void and can only stand bc Anez gov says so& might makes it right, because there are no victims, no loses, no valid legal evidence of sedition and terrorism.
If you are a dynosaurus justice as justice Douglas, who defined pornography is bad when he smells it, bc you can't convict a person on her rude manner of asking someone to resign for irresponsibility& incompetence. You can't find them guilty for their dirty mind if you say that asking to resign smell bad, you can't convict, bc simply you as accuser must show with evidence beyond a scintilla of doubt, they committed a crime bc we don't convict any human for having a thirty mind, if you are a puritan accuser!
The fact remains, it's a political trial, bc GenociderAnez doesn't want to lose presidential elections to these 3 environmentalists party MAS they belong to!
We urge all free people, to voice, text flood @JeanineAnez & peacefully in your own country block the Bolivian Embassy or consulates as empathy& solidarity with our fellow environmentalists whose lives we feared to be lost in Covid infected overcrowded cells and request they be freed on low bai, bc they are law abiding peaceful environmentalists who pose no fleeing threat no are any danger to no one:
Thank you!!!

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