Racist swat police rushes to massively resign in Buffalo, NY, USA!

Racist Swat police rushes to massively resign in Buffalo, NY. USA

NY state Gov A Cuomo & the NY State attorney warned the violent& abusive Buffalo police they had it with police excessive use of force against peaceful protestors, and their police unions forwarned the repressive Buffalo police seat team they will no no longer pay the expensive legal bills of the swat team and sure enough forewarned of inmiment crack down on them, they rushed to preserve their pensions and massively resigned to preserve their high police pensions.
The best civilized& peaceful defense to preserve our lives and those of our families is to join the nationwide massive movent to #DefundTheRacistPolice at city, State and federal level by signing letter adressed to city council, etc. @MarkRuffalo has them ready andbits all listed at his twitter page @MarkRuffalo

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