Secret Espionage on unsuspecting innocent citizens!

Another tool of domination& extorsion: secret spionage on unsuspecting innocent citizens!

BlackRock& Carbon cohorts have gotten Govs to build a global Big Brother New order and its continues without any laws stopping them, for they think they are above the rule of law since they are protected& colluding with mighty Govs like the G7 and to that end they are attempting to finalize it soon, to abort mass carbon global protests & under the masked global stock market ParisAgreement, legalize their carbon trade with carbon tax, double credit carbon& voluntary enforcements & pseudo resilience, adaptation, etc.
Most Americas underdeveloped gov's are colluding with them and Bolivia's dictator Anez is one of them.
For brevity I will address this column to the latter.
Cattle born again fundamentalist religious fanatic Jeanine Anez, was civil contracted by the usual foreign power & they executed a suave civic military Coup D'etat with fools aide overthrew the previous Gov, flanked by the commanders of the armed forces at Congress, while the soldiers deploy with weapons of war on the streets of La Paz city, at gun point blocked the 2/3 indigenous congress members from entering their own congress house, and had Anez autoproclaim as Transition Gov with the sole mandate to "Call to inmediate elections". Then Anez outstretch her sole mandate with two presidential extensions of power&7 months later, she is allowed deliberately the spread of Covid Pandemic and is using CoVid Pandemia as a political tool of government control, while she expects her controlled and bought out colluding accomplices, TCP& TSE, grant her another 6 months office extension and is caused crisis after crisis while veiled and camouflaged anez continues deploying military forces on the streets, to secure her dictatorship.
She is not only burning forests but stealing more than 10 million hectares of Amazon land to favor herself&Bayer with more than 5 Transgenic food commodities, mining& shale-fracking while framing systematically opponents to her deadly policies through false judicial processes against them. Case in point, her own appointed token indigenous man, Rafael Quispe was charged, allegedly for missusing a gov truck but the case fell apart for he was carrying ammo to kill among the local ibdigenous their common enemies: CovidFamine& Covid Pandemia: Food&masks and gloves!
Given the fact Anez is violated repeatedly her sole "call to inmediate elections" mandate and corrupted, tumbled from economic scandal to economic scandalous thievery. And from crisis to another government crisis she is in slow free fall from powet, because her use of CoVid Pandemia, is now boomeranging against her, with thousands of innocent victims, when her civil contractor arrived with BlackRock's Authoritarian digital surveillance in the era of new world order/Global Big brother order, Anez to cling to power is gone from enacting decree after decree, to gag journalists and the people and the social media, but bc of international& indigenous growing opposition, Anez abrogated it, to gain time to consumate the giveaway over 10 million hectars of Amazon tree soil, to enrich her latifundio& fascist hangmen mining colluders& shale frackers, Anez is implementing tens of fake antenas through Bolivia...AKA IMSI CATCHERS, to whose antennas our phones connect to reach or receive message signals. We get spied in all our Lawful use of phone& computer activities, which this rising local Big Brother in Bolivia can misuse to abort, gag and imprison any and all environmentalists indigenous opposition peaceful protestors against Gov& against BlackRock& carbon cohorts.
Anez is secretly giving away lithium as raw material, which once converted to lithium batteries are worth countless trillions of dollars but deceiving 12 million american Bolivians by accepting beggars throw away coins for our lithium, etc.
This factual research done by University of Washinghton, through journalist researchers, reconfirm the forewarning Anez's exiled dissenter and retired academician Dr Felipe Campos is made in the past, involving similar supramational actors of state power such as FaceBook, Google, Apple, etc.
"These Big brother actors of suprantional state power, are conspiring, colluding and retaliating all the time, behind aparent altruistic goals& facades such as the Billdesburg group, anticarbon lip service BlackRock, while increasing and legalizing toxic genocider carbon Pandemic by 2050...the parisAgreement, which is a plain carbon stock trading global market& they play in all sides& keep deceiving humanity when in fact they are causing more than 7 million carbon Pandemic victims annually. And BlackRock& its Carbon corporate cohorts, manipulated the CoVid Pandemia to keep receiving countless trillions of dollars in subsidies.
Subsidies thrown for a genocidal carbon pandemic.
Subsidies and bail outs and tax cuts worth count less trillions of dollars, which enrich less than 1% of humanity. Trillions which would be far better used for Solar Energy& Vegan global economy. But because humanity's life interests are opposite to these death worshippers of Greedy carbon fortune diggers, these SONS OF MAMOM resort without any compunction to IMSI CATCHERS and so forth, to protect and perpetuate milking their sacred carbon cow.
We must reject and defeat all these Big Brother tools or means of unconstitutional control& secret spionage & extorsion means, against innocent children& unsuspecting citizens. Govs have shown they are untrustworthy & are soldout to these 1% obscure elite Carbon interests that harms us. Only the people save the people and each of us must join locally to the masses of peaceful Civil Disobedience protestors till we abrogate them"
I leave you to familiarize with one of these hanging threats hanging over us, "IMSI CATCHERS" written by R Balderas& E M Barregon, attached below. And it is people like you who must act & join Civil Disobedience to abrogate evil violations of our human rights, our natural rights& constitutional rights, with which we are born & no one has the right to take them from us.

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