Seeking Control: by Systematic Espionage . . .

   Seeking control: Systematic secret espionage on our innocent tax paying citizens!
Kyra was in her growing years writing for her religious school's paper and the principal knew she was the best imformed school reporter, who participated in peaceful civil rights protests, attending with her school mates during MLK's lead protests 4 civil rights& against the Vietnam war.
The Feds came looking for the pretty all american girl accompanied by her school principal, who asked her to handout all the pictures& info she had gathered as a school reporter.
She resisted & asked why, to which the Feds threatened her, "You can give it to us or we can take it and throw your arse to a cold cell and you'll be placed in a foster home when you come out from prison for obstructing justice, aiding & abetting violent looters& parolees& godless communists"
She appealed to her principal but he ordered her to give it to them.
"Can I bring it to you as soon as my family returns?"
When her parents returned informed them of it. They got mad for running around as a school reporter& hearing a noise, went out the house and the bishop was coming through the steel gate to see her grandmother and few minutes later they were having a drink of wine, when the bishop said, "i hate to do this...but Kyra has to turn to the Feds information, to put away criminals who are a menace to the school, the city and to our government"
An hour later she was before the waiting feds and with shaking hands & uneasy with what they were having to do against her will, delivered it. "Listen girl, we know your brothers are in the football team and the oldest wants to attend UCSF medical school and your other brother is due for draft and he can go to vietnam or he can go to the airforce academy...if you keep turning the stuff we need, we'll get Senator McAbel to recomend him and get him in..."
She asked for time and asked everyone she trusted for advice.
Kyra recalls her past youth with cracking voice, " Looking hind sight the feds caused me insomnia, anxiety, depression, guilt...for having fallen under pressure to my grandmother's home boy, the principal, to my republican die hard parents and the senator and though my brother got into medical school and my other brother was in the academy, when later i attended a funeral, findout our school leader's father had suffered an accident but only years later, when i run to him and asked him why mysteriously broke up with me.
He answered he refused to work as informant for the feds, the feds yelled at him, "Either you work for us or you are being shipped to Nam and you'll desire to die, bc you will have no father and no girlfriend"
" Your bluffing. I am not going to cause suffering to protestors who like me want civil rights for blacks. How could i look them in the eye if something bad happens to them?"
"Have it your way" Said& left and few weeks later his father died suspiciously and he ended in Vietnam and had broken up with me, without telling me why.
"The feds tried to extortion me to become their informant, i refused and my father died so suddenly in a freak assault, where he died but nothing was stolen from him and then fearing for your life, i broke up with you.."
My ex had broken up to protect me & his refusal cost his father's life. I didn't know my now older ex, who returning from Nam had become a dual diagnosed GI, while i who trully loved him, had avoided taking his picture not to endanger him, despite my wanting to quit my school reporter's job, the feds had extortion me to keep doing it and deliver my reporter work to them.
When letters to my ex did't get a reply and feeling bad with what i was being coerced to do, told my primcipal, I was quitting, two nuns flanked this honor roll student, by asigniming "F" in the religion and a Language course, denying me to graduate with my classmates. I ended up running away from my home and looking back. I realized the feds extortion, coersion and bribes to get my brothers in there, were evil means to use me as a reporter to turn pictures of protestors. Ad it hurt many protestors, my then sweetheart's family, my life destroyed and who knows how many innocent protestors, bc learned later, my best friend, another school reporter ended up pregnant by one of the feds and a decade later, learned from her, 2 other protestors she met in the civil rights protests in the sixties had become pregnant and had children for feds, who when drunk confided to these disgraced women, they were plainclothes officers, who bragged they were involved with their informants and had provoked lootings and then moved onto new protests groups and kept causing the arrests of framed black protestors, who they incited to looting and burnings businesses. "This negroes have to learn their place is at the stables with animals like them..."
Kyra's extortion was nothing of unusual bc police work is full of these kinds of victims, systemicly spread in police training, work, the framing of identified& racially profiled& singling out targets with well crafted looting provocations, emotional& sexual manipulations of naive young and inexperienced people, ignorant of the law, with no means to hire lawyers to defend them , facing colluding prosecutors, courts and even judges, who mostly come from prosecutors offices.
And above all, the unlawful way evidence is planted, perjuries are habitual tools among police and before courts.
Judges having eyes and having ears, refuse to see or hear the truth.
In their courts there is no one they account to, but are absolute kings who advance in their carriers by the record of convictions of protestors...& indigent defendants. Imposing most plea bargains, for trials are only for whoever has money. Naive innocent protestors who assume and believe in justice the american way and right to counsel guarantees them justice, which only decades later, they may realized, they were induced to plea bargain crimes that stood no chance in court if they had plenty money to received apropiate legal competent defense bc rare is the public defender who has experience and can competently defend them against professional lying police officers who are mostly veiled racists whose agenda is to convict as many as they can to advance& get higher wages. Watch commanders, police record managers who routinely rewrite fudging reports to criminalize and convict suspects and innocent people.
And journalists and judges are their favorite tools of convicting protestors, who know professional informants with suspicious purged records and with police contractors who supervice them, coach them.
Jail snitches being used & rewarded by judges and police, live at the expense of tax payers who are being unconstitutionally espied, framed and convicted.
Among the minority of judges with ethical conduct& responsibility, I know former law professors.
There was a chief judge of the largest federal circuit of appeals, who dared to order an investigation of perjurer policemen, perjurer informants, perjurer DAs etc. The result of that investigation caused DAs to resign, officers to retire and plea bargain slaps on the wrists but the ones that remain, using illegal& unconstitutional eavesdropping, gather for a long time what they belive would end his life behind bars and got the Attorney gral involved ti charge him for the deadliest crime for accused mostly innocents who though educated had the racist police machine& even his subordinate judges against him: child molestation evidence.
An accusation of this nature is too expensive& protracted. And even if you win, you are a walking target to be asssassinated by third parties the police uses routinely to assasinate and shut up lips forever, for having challenged the racist status quo, like challenged the Justice Department& police and entrenched carbon interests.
All the roads lead to Rome. And all police espionage through extorsioned or paid informants etc, lead to the carbon cohorts who with BlackRock... run the global carbon economy.
The chief appeals judge was getting media trial instead of a fair trial, for an apparent heinous crime have been perpetrated by the chief of the circuit of appeals.
In implicit negotiations seeking to have the legally experienced judge to admit guilt, yet the accussed party was able to show there was no child molestation activity in any form or manner, but stress related indulgence of pornographic adult womes' pictures, committed not at a porno store but in his private office.
The hanging posey pointed out it was in his office hours and with government computers.
The accussed said, all right it was so but so what, you can only charge the economic charge for it, which is negligible and it will be uncertain I be found guilty, so stop making a mountain out of a grain of sand, bc no one got hurt, i was not engaging with any prostitute.
Reflecting on his experience and comparing it to Trump, who bragged he enjoyed foundling women's intimate parts and when confronted went easy and accepted Trump's concoction of being simply, " locker room talk" when in fact the naked emperor had a pattern of sexual assaults for which he purchased silence with money from Mar- A-Lago& sealed it" to hide his sexual crimes!
Above all, remember once they extortion or buy you out as an informant taking pictures of your fellow protestors, or foolishly you self destroy by voluntering for pseudo patriot act, you fall in a bottomless pit, " Unless you turned me so and so, we won't let you go out" they extortion you!
And those stupid enough to answer media ads, posted by feds seeking video, pictures...of looting, to give being forward said evidences to law enforcement to deter criminals" are hurting others and themselves, bc the first one that delivers such stuff, likely is hurting innocents and you are the first who will suffer it as a result of their lying games which courts validated it for convicting people.
Whenever you're going to protest, Navy zeal, cover your face with black paint, then wear your antiCoVid mask, carry plastic bottle milk to wash off pepper spray. Carry a towell and water to wet the towel and cover your facial cavities and never be bated to respond with violence for police will shoot you in an unjust and evil racial encounter.
Most police are high school recruited power hungry violent exgangs for police bc refuse to recruit college or graduate professionals, bc they have ethics and are educated and likely will not be part of their entrenched habit , " Us vs the criminals" bc everyone who disagrees with them is a guilty criminal, without even having a jay walking ticket or a trial and a being clean record holder.
I add the following newsclip to make it easy to understand police espionage and abuse is not only to gather info about you and others, but serve the interests of
BlackRock& Carbon cohorts, who have gotten our mighty country to build a global Big Brother New world order, which continues beyond our borders, without any laws stopping them, bc Defacto they are acting above the rule of law & constitutional restraints, since they are protected& inmune& impune, continue to collude (and retaliate) among our mighty Departments agencies& branches of Government by missusing the existing patriot act legacy, rebaptized with another name, continue to pursue that evil end& are attempting to finalize it soon, to abort mass carbon global protests & under the masked global stock market ParisAgreement, legalize their carbon trade with carbon tax, double credit carbon& voluntary enforcements & pseudo resilience, adaptation, etc.
For brevity I call your attention to refer federal& State police working for the umbrella run by National intelligence, as one whose info feeds BlackRock& its Carbon cohorts, including banks, bc in practice that is what it is when they centralize their data and they tap countless computer, digital & telephone servers of transnational corporations AKA supranational actors of state power such as Face Book, Goggle, multiple phone corporations, etc but restraining myself from providing personal names & sources protect them from potential harm of retaliation by the ones named above.
Building& using countless fake antenas beyong USA...AKA IMSI CATCHERS, to whose antennas our phones connect to reach or receive message signals. We get spied in all our Lawful use of phone& computers data that Big Brother missuses to abort, gag and imprison any and all antiCarbon toxic emissions& antiGovt& anti abusive& racist police, peaceful protestors against BlackRock& its carbon cohorts.
This factual research done by University of Washinghton, through journalist researchers, reconfirm the forewarning Anez's exiled dissenter and retired academician Dr Felipe Campos is made in the past, involving similar supranational actors of state power who control the media and digitalization
"These Big brother actors of suprantional state power, are conspiring, colluding and retaliating all the time, behind aparent altruistic goals& facades such as the Billdesburg group, anticarbon lip service BlackRock, while increasing and legalizing toxic genocider carbon Pandemic disguised as zero carbon by 2050...the parisAgreement, which is a plain carbon stock trading global market& they play in all sides& keep deceiving humanity, when in fact they are causing more than 7 million carbon Pandemic victims annually. And BlackRock& its Carbon cohorts, AKA less than 1% of humanity. These death worshippers of war& death. These evil greedy carbon fortune diggers, AKA SONS OF MAMOM resort without any compunction to IMSI CATCHERS and so forth, to protect& perpetuate milking their sacred carbon cow.
We must reject and defeat all these Big Brother tools or means of unconstitutional control& secret mass espionage & extorsion means against innocent children& unsuspecting& innocent americans & humanity. Govs have shown they collude& retaliate, are untrustworthy & are soldout to these 1% obscure elite Carbon interests that harms us. Only the people saves the people and each of us must join locally to the masses of peaceful Civil Disobedience protestors till we abrogate them"
"IMSI CATCHERS" written by R Balderas& E M Barregon, attached below. And it is people like you who must act & join Civil Disobedience to abrogate evil violations of our human rights, our natural rights& constitutional rights, with which we are born & no one has the right to take them from us.
#IndigenousLives Matter

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