silence &Inaction keep us chained in Racist Bondage

  The silence and inaction of our friends keeps us in racist bondage!

Paraphrasing MLK, @Joekennedy said, "The silence of friends not the words of enemies, ultimatelly keep us in shackels"
Environmentalist we considered JoeBiden a friend but unlike big mouthed Trump who tells us where we stand, quietly joe coauthored the onmnibus law, taking away Habeas Corpus, refused to abrogate his onmibus law as VP and 1000 fold blacks& latinos are disproportionatelly incarcerated and killed& deported 4 million undocumented laborers and as the children & parents languished in concentratuon camps of ICE and prisons are condemned to die as victims of CovidPandemic in overcrowded prisons by JoeBiden's laws& policies and he is perpetuating the carbon pandemic & deceiving us with useless Paris agreement carbon stock global market, with carbon tax& double carbon credits& hence legalizing the perpetuation of 5X toxic carbon pandemia which is a trillion times deadlier than Covid.
As we are gassed& shot rubber bullets and battered by police& military and injured by low level swooping choppers and face combat ready troops and countless of our peacefull protestors are injured and killed, specially blacks and colored people, its is the silence and the onactuon of our friends like JoeBiden who covets the presidency , the one that injures and perpetuates the shackeling opression by worshippers of racism, whose knees like shackles upon the necks of innocent victims like George Floyd, are torture and killing us, while our friends keep silent and don't lead protests on the streets, to stop and change this 4 centuries entrenched institutionalized white aryan racism.
We're outraged at Trump's mouth& policies but it is our friends like Biden and congressmen whose silence & inaction perpetuates over blacks& or people of color.
Should #OilJoeBiden use a token Kamala Harris to become the president, there won't be any carbon pandemia abrogation nor rascism pandemia abrogation nor economic reforms but empty words and empty promises.
BC Biden is shown his 90's enacted omnibus law, which he saw from 2008-2016 was injuring us, he refused to abrogate his omnibus law and from 2021 to 2029, nothing will change but worsen, bc our silent friend refuses to lead us on the streets to stop racism pandemia & carbon Pandemia and poverty pandemis, doesn't want to change it, but perpetuate it.
True we hate Trump's unjust policies& inf li amatory speeches, but it is not him alone who perpetuates racism pandemia & carbon pandemia and coVid but the great majority of aryan racists who along with the military, threaten us with guns on their hands and where is #OilJoeBiden and our congressmen friends He is silent like them and absent from our protests on the streets and they expects the votes of our black and colored voters and our white allies?
Our silent& inactive friends ask not what we can do for you, ask what you can do for people in racist bondage!
Come Nov3 and we will render our verdict at the polls to our silent friends, for their deliberate silence& inaction to defund them, which perpetuates #racismPandemia, #CarbonPandemia and #PovertyPandemia!

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